Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Avery's First Word!!!

I'm going to need serious therapy - Still no internet at home. What would I do without Chase?I've realized the internet is where I do everything! Even more so, having none of my files - budget, addresses of family members, etc. WOW! I challenge you to go a week without turning on your computer - believe me if you think I'm exagerrating you'll understand after about a week. Thankfully, we took a trip to Vidalia and I finally got to post my babysitting ad on Myspace (and even got a response!) and check my Yahoo mail - yay! My laptop is "In Production" and should be here in less than 2 weeks...the countdown has begun! Also, my camera's memory card is full and I have no computer to upload the pics to so I haven't been taking very many pictures lately either! I guess I just need to go get another memory card!

Last Thursday me, Charlie & Avery went to Vidalia. My mom won an award. I am so proud of her - she was chosen from people across the entire state and she won! WAY TO GO MOM! Her boss contacted me and wanted us to be there to see her receive it. So we packed up Thursday afternoon and stayed until Saturday morning. It was really nice to get away for a few days. Right now we are trying to decide where (or if) we should take a vacation. My vote is another cruise - worry free & affordable! The only problem is that the only cruise going out of New Orleans is the exact same cruise we took a few years ago on the exact same boat. Charlie wants to go somewhere else - and I can't blame him. I would like to keep it under $2000 though, and I don't think we can go anywhere extraordinary for that amount. Charlie wants to go to Washington State "to see the cherry trees and go whale watching". I think he needs to be admitted to the nursing home too, talking like that. I have no interest whatsoever in WA. (Except for the tiny tidbit that Grey's Anatomy is filmed in Seattle - but its not like I'm going to bump into Meredith and McDreamy in Starbucks!) So does anyone have any suggestions? I think for this trip Avery would be staying with Nonna and Poppa and we would be going April 2009 (when nonna has Spring Break).

Ok enough of the babble - now on to the important announcement: AVERY SAID HER FIRST WORD. Just guess what it was? Da-da! Of course, her favorite person! She has been babbling a lot lately and every once in a while I'd hear a 'd' sound, so I've been saying over and over and over "Say da-da". Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and she was babbling a lot and then she got real quiet for a few minutes and all of a sudden shouted "Da-da!" That was all she said. OMG can I tell you how excited I was??? I picked her up and told her I was SO proud of her and she was SUCH a big girl. Then I woke Charlie up at 5:30 in the morning to tell him! He was pretty excited though. (Wonder if it was the fact that she said da-da first??? Hmm..!)

Sorry no pics for this post. I brought my camera to work, but forgot the USB cord! Maybe tomorrow I'll remember?


mallory said...

if you took a cruise out of galveston tx (which takes about seven hours of driving time from monroe) then you would have a lot of choices there too. go to a travel site like expedia.com. they should offer a lot of really good cruise deals, especially this time of year.

thekennonfamily said...

I'm envious of any vacation, lol! And without a child in tow...I hope you guys go somewhere wonderful. You have to post lots of pics so I can live my life vicariously through you!!!!!

Stormie's mommy said...

I have been without any computer or internet for about weeks mine messed up around the time yours did. i just got it back today! and i am so excited to say the least. i had to resort to the library to do banking and the three visits were very quick. So i do indeed appreciate my internet! ha ha! so many times i needed google and did not have it!!
CONGRATS on the ne word. i was sooooo excited when stormie said da da too but she said ma ma 1st!!! can not wait to see pics and i will be updating my blog which is very behind and i have 2 full memory cards and 1 half full one ha ha so i know exactly how u feel!