Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Wonderful Day!

Well, I had a WONDERFUL birthday! When I got to work my GREAT coworkers, Niki & Jules, had decorated my cubicle. That was so sweet of them. It was super cute.! They also threw me a little part with chips and dip and cake! That is a lot of work for 2 people...and it was so nice. They also gave me a Visa Gift Card! I had scheduled 4 hours off so that I could spend the day with Charlie and Avery - my bday happened to land on his day off. I figured we would let Avery have one last hoorah before the official start of house arrest - Nov. 1st! There weren't many people out shopping in the middle of the day on a weekday. And we shopped till we dropped! She was a precious angel the whole time and was even smiling at everyone she saw! I was also convinced by some lady in the mall to take her to an Olan Mills portrait session - for $15 I'm getting a 10x13, 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 16 wallets and 6 greeting cards. I figure if they're great, I'll buy more and if they're terrible I only wasted $15! I think I'm going to let her wear her LSU Cheerleader suit. I just can't pass up a good deal. Did I mention that I bought the cutest purse from Charlotte Russe for $1.25...yes one dollar and 25 cents. You can't get a Coke for that these days!!! That really made my day. LOL.


Jules asked what kind of cake I liked and I said "I like all kinds of cake" So she bought me all kinds of cake! German chocolate, red velvet, chocolate and carrott cake! YUM YUM!

Niki made my FAVORITE - Spinach Dip! Oh, it was SO good. Too bad birthday's only come once a year! :O)

In Avery news - we found a sitter! YAY! Kelly, who went to school in Vidalia and now goes to ULM, is going to come over Tuesday because Charlie has mandatory training and I have to work until 2:30. I'm going to do a little shopping and then meet Charlie at 4 to go vote. Hopefully, it won't take too long but I'm expecting to be there at least an hour in line. Even though I know LA will go to McCain (I don't think we've ever voted Democrat in the history of our state), it is still important for me to walk in that booth and vote for him.

Avery didn't cough at all today so we're going to do 2 more breathing treatments tomorrow and call it quits. So, I guess she is officially over her first experience with RSV. Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to pray that she stays healthy thru this cold and flu season. Btw, I'm getting my flu shot (For the first time ever) on November 5th and I've made it clear to Charlie that it is mandatory. So whether he knows it or not, he'll be getting his next week too! : )

A conversation we had today...

Me: "Ummm...babe...why is she chewing on a wooden spoon?"

Charlie: "Because she likes it!"

Me: "Where did she get it?"

Charlie: "She was fussy today and wouldn't play with any of her toys, we were walking by the thing in the kitchen with all the spoons and she pulled that out and started chewing on it and quit crying."

Whatever works! : )

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thekennonfamily said...

The wooden spoon is tooo funny! Cam does the same thing. I told Brandon we shouldn't buy any more toys just let pick some random thing around the house and act like it's his until he gets tired of it, lol. The wooden spoon has never gotten old and it's been a few months since he became obsessed with it. He bangs with it, chews on it, chases the dog with it, stirs things with it, sticks in the dryer, plays with it in the bathtub....Babies are so funny!