Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery

She's so sweet...smiling even though she doesn't feel good!

Breathing treatments : (

Holding her own bottle!

Nonna reading to Avery...

What are you lookin at?

Bloomers from her mamaw

Almost too big for the Moses Basket!

Other than the 'x-ray drama' Avery's appointment went well. She is 15 lbs 12 oz which puts her in the 5th percentile for 9 month olds. WOW...I can't believe I have a 9 month old! In 3 months we'll be having a birthday party...amazing! Time is FLYING by. Dr. Khanfar wants to keep Avery on the high calorie formula to continue to help w/ weight gain. He says she can have solids 2-3 times per day. The only thing he seemed a little concerned about was her tight muscles. I think that is a preemie thing. I will continue to work on her muscles and I'm sure she'll sit as soon as she's ready! He also told me to finish out her antibiotics and continue breathing treatments for the RSV until she doesn't cough anymore. Thanks for your continued prayer that this RSV will be short lived and she will quit coughing.

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Stormie's mommy said...

She is so pretty. I think she looks like you! Love the shirt ordering Stormie one today ha ha !!! Glad to know she is ok. add more pictures of the cutie!