Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Whew! That was fast!

Dr. Khanfar just called...yes, at 7:30 pm...isn't he the best pedi anyone could ever ask for?

He wanted to say the xrays are normal.

Thank you Jesus for normal!!!!

Thanks to all who saw the blog and prayed in that short amount of time...isn't prayer amazing?

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Mrs. Penny said...

Actually, I just saw your Mom's e-mail a minute ago and sent out a prayer request to everybody too late, but some extra prayers won't hurt. My little kindergarteners are still praying for her every morning. They're so sweet! They were some of the ones in the Pre-K class last year that prayed for her every morning all year. We started praying before she was ever born. I'm SO glad she's doing better.
Love y'all.
PS Almost ALL babies say Da-Da first. Tell Charlie not to let it go to his head too much. LOL As far as milestones go, all babies are different. Girls are usually faster than boys in language and slower in motor skills. Shelbi was late on all her motor skills---but talked early. Ironic, huh? Anyway, she's ahead of her peers now-- in a good way!