Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I only have time for the short version, and sorry about typos, I'll try to write more asap

Today at Avery's 9 month appt Dr. K was stretching her leg muscles and noticed they were extremely tight. Long story short he wanted us to have an xray immediately. We had the xray and the xray tech and doctor were looking at the xrays saying "Hmmm...." and "Is that...?" They were looking all sideways and they really scared me. We will have the results sometime tomorrow and I will post them asap.

I called Denise, Avery's therapist to see if she knew anything. She said he was looking for hip dysplasia. She said sometimes it can be corrected with physical therapy called traction, other cases need surgery. She said this would explain why she is 9 mos and not sitting. Please pray now and as often as possible that we will get good news tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers about her RSV - he said it is a mild case and we will continue breathing treatments and antibiotics.