Monday, October 20, 2008

RSV : (

Despite my greatest efforts, Avery has RSV. I got pretty sick, it is going around at work but I thought I was doing a good job at washing my hands and not kissing her, etc. Apparently it was not good enough. I had been sick since about Tuesday and I noticed she seemed sick on Thursday. Charlie said he heard a rattling noise when she was eating. On Friday she was running a temp so I gave her Motrin before she went to bed and Tylenol in the middle of the night but she still had a temp Saturday morning and a cough. I called the doctors office to see if I should continue the Motrin but they said I should bring her in. It was the last thing I felt like doing, but I knew I had to go. And thank God I did! The doctor saw her and did a blood count. She said her numbers weren't too bad and that it was probably a virus. The nurse had mentioned they may do a nasal swab for an RSV check. The doctor wrote the rx and seemed to be wrapping things up so I asked about the RSV. She (it wasn't Dr. Khanfar b/c he swaps Saturday's with the other doctor in his clinic) said that she really didn't think it was RSV, because her lungs sounded clear. I told her I would feel better if we went ahead and tested for it. They did the nasal swab and we were packing up. I just wanted to hear "Its negative!" so we could go home worry-free. Unfortunately, the doctor walked back in and said, "The RSV test is positive." Even though I insisted on the test, we were both shocked. Avery very rarely goes anywhere, and hasn't been around anyone but me or Charlie for weeks now. We're very careful about where we bring her. Anyway, sometimes life just happens. RSV is common in adults, just not deadly. I probably picked it up at work and b/c it can be airborne, Avery picked it up from me. I believe it is the number one reason for infant death or possibly 2nd to SIDs, but it is very serious. Thankfully, she did not want to admit her to the hospital b/c it was not a bad case. We had to pick up a breathing machine, a humidifier and some medicine. She didn't run a fever (or if so, very low grade) yesterday. She does well with the breathing treatments, she just sits and closes her eyes. It is so sad to watch her get them though. I guess this is one of those things I'm not used to, since we didn't have them when I was little. It just makes me feel like she is so sick.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow at 3:30 and since it just happens to be her 9 month birthday, they are going to do her well baby visit in the same appointment. She weighed 15 lbs 12 oz, which is far from the 17 lbs I was shooting for. Once again, the doctor assured me that she is doing great - since she is almost 8 times her birth weight. Please pray that she recovers quickly and we don't have another RSV scare. We are officially on lockdown though. No church, no Target, no large groups, no small children...I hope this winter flies by! I'm counting down the days til' April!

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Cristi said...

Take her picture taking the treatments. Tell her I love her. We will see yall Saturday!