Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Avery meets Santa Brookshires!

The other day, Avery and I stopped by our local Brookshire's grocery store. It was "A Taste of the Season" night, where they sample all things Christmas! When we pulled up there was a band, Avery lovvvved it! I guess it was her first time to hear a live marching band.

While we were listening to the band, I saw Santa! I didn't know how Avery would react. She didn't get to meet Santa last year because we didn't go near any malls with her (RSV lockdown)
Avery did go to Santa, put she wasn't overly impressed with him! Look at that expression -

However, I'd say she was more impressed with Santa, than with Miss Louisiana!

I think what impressed her most was the shrimp!

She also drank apple juice from a cup like a champ!

And even though Charlie wasn't with us, he was in my thoughts. : ) He was a happy camper when I showed him the Applewood bacon I picked out for him!

And Avery enjoyed sampling the cherry coke after we got home!


Cristi said...

Very impressed with the shrimp! LOL I love that line. Smart kid.

Too Many Hats said...

Love that last pic after sampling the soda. She is going to be wanting more of that. Hey, it's a victory not to have her crying with Santa at that age, honestly Santa is a scary dude to littles.

Curran said...

Nothing better than applewood bacon!! YUM! Was that Avery's first shrimp? I've been wondering when to start shellfish!

That's pretty neat how Brookshire's had all that going on! So nice to see things like that!