Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Collection - Part I

If you know me well, you probably know that I'm not a big shopper. I buy clothes few and far between and don't enjoy doing it. In fact, I almost went shopping at the Chase website and stocked up on blue Chase shirts and black pants, that way I could wear the same thing every day (which isn't required at the call center), but Charlie talked me out of it. (Sad, but true!) So, off we went on my birthday shopping for my fall wardrobe, since you may remember that all of my winter clothes got accidentally dropped off at the Goodwill! Well, $270 later I had three sweaters. And I would never ever ever spend $270 on three sweaters. Never! Actually, I refuse to ever pay over $20 for any shirt, so you can imagine that Avery really racked up. She got 6 outfits, a black peacoat, 3 pajama sets, 4 bows, 10 pairs of socks, some cute new black shoes and an adorable pair of boots (yes, with the fur!). And boy, was it fun! I've discovered it's not that I don't enjoy shopping, it's that I don't really enjoy shopping for myself. But shopping for Avery is another story! I am going to try to get pics of all of the new outfits and here is the first set. She was sportin' a cute new (little bit too big) long sleeved shirt and those boots with the fur I mentioned. : )


Penny said...

I almost cracked up reading about you hating shopping and looking to order off the web---- you and your MaMaw! lol
Babies ARE more fun to shop for! Between me, Mallory, Shelbi, and my Mom Leon made out like a bandit this weekend! I think he went home with about 6 or 7 new outfits, new shoes ($8 Buster Brown's), a jacket and pjs. Man, I love that kid! Even sick, he is the easiest, sweetest baby since Mallory--- but he SLEEPS like Sarah did. Best of both worlds! =)

Too Many Hats said...

Shopping for littles is so much fun and I don't like shopping either. I need a close-up of the furry boots, I cannot see them in the pic. She looks quite pleased with her new stuff.

Mallory said...

I clicked on the pics to see the boots better, but they were too blurry. She is sooo cute though, I especially love the second one! What did you do to get her that excited? Besides the new wardrobe of course =)

Btw, I hate shopping for clothes too but I bought some CUTE office clothes over a month ago. I got the CUTEST outfit and guess what...when I put it on not even a month later the pants would BARELY button! They were so tight I knew I couldn't pull it off at work...and the top is short sleeve and ONLY goes with the pants, so I doubt my fat butt will fit in it before the cold weather comes. THAT is why I hate clothes shopping, lol. Because I usually "outgrow" everything before I can wear it =)

Curran said...

I could SOOO see you wearing a Chase uniform daily! It would make things easier :)

She looks pretty happy sporting her new boots (with the fur)!

Where did you find Avery's coat? We are going shopping tomorrow & that is on the list along with black shoes!

Anonymous said...

I for the twins is sooo much more fun than shopping for myself.