Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Happy Monday! I don't know if MckMama will be participating this Monday, as sweet Stellan is in the PICU, but feel free to hop on over to her blog and read all about Stellan. So, here we go:

1. I did not have a really 'off' day Saturday which started with putting Avery in the car seat, cranking the car, turning around to start Baby Einstein and realizing she was not strapped in! I certainly didn't read a smiliar incident on MckMama's blog last week and say "Wow, I can't believe she did that!"

2. Later that day I did not leave my purse in the cart at Walmart in the parking lot and not realize it was missing for the next 4 hours.

3. I did not go to Walmart and buy a huge bag of dog food, only to get home and see that the dog was sold while I was at Walmart (what are the odds?) And I certainly did not get a tad bit sad that I didn't get to tell him good bye and even more sad when Avery looks for him and realizes he is not there! I'm sure Cannon's new family will make him happy though : )

4. I did not take the money that Charlie gave me for Cannon and put it somewhere safe while I looked for my purse. I did not realize my purse must be at Walmart and figure it would never be found again. And I certainly was not shocked when Walmart had it, safe and sound, with not so much as a penny missing!

5. I did not search for over an hour for the money I put in a safe place. I did not end up blaming it on one of two things: either someone came in the house when I went back to Walmart and stole it (yes, I really convinced myself this could've happened) OR Avery reached up on the counter, got the money and hid it (yes, I really blamed the missing money on my toddler!)

6. I did not find it, hours later, long after I had given up the search under a bottle of lotion on my dresser. Of course, I did remember leaving it just there. I never totally lose my mind and absolutely cannot remember doing things that I clearly did!

7. I have not totally been putting off making decisions lately. Decisions such as: Should Avery go to church during RSV season and should she be in the nursery? Should I sell my house? Should I live in an apt or rent house - and WHICH apt or rent house? Should I give Avery the swine flu vaccine although its not recommended by the pedi? Should I trick-or-treat w/ Avery every year even though me and Charlie didn't really celebrate Halloween growing up? I did not declare a decision making strike and my answer to all of those questions is currently not: I DON'T KNOW! If you decide you'd like to make one for me, feel free to leave a comment w/ an answer. I'm not so exhausted just thinking about all of these decisions that I'll just do whatever you tell me to do at this point!


Denise Darnell Davis said...

We never trick or treated growing up either...Daniel's family is for it and I know the kids enjoy it but we always went to a church festival...I know there is no harm in it as long as the kids know the difference...oh and we are selling our trailer if you know anyone looking for one! We found a house we hope to buy real soon! Although Anna is not a preemie I am considering the whole lockdown thing too, she is constantly sick! We went from hands foot and mouth (thankfully never made it in her mouth) to waking up today with another cold...back to breathing treatments now!! Good luck with the decisions! I hate making them too!!

Mallory said...

I am HORRIBLE with making decisions for maybe I can make things easier for you by helping with some of yours :)

I think that no matter what you end up selling your house for that you won't regret selling it in the end. There's no telling what the market will do/won't do, and I think you'd have one less thing to worry about if you went ahead and got out from under it. And I would look for a decent rent house because you will have more room and won't have to spend extra renting a storage space. The biggest apartment I ever had was between 800 and 900 sq feet and yet we still needed storage (and it's just the two of us).

I wouldn't give Avery the swine flu shot unless you have a major outbreak at Chase or something...the risks are just too great and I don't believe we've studied it enough yet.

And if you are not wanting to trick-or-treat for religious reasons, I would always look into the area churches and see which ones host the best festivals. That way she could still have her fun dressing up, but you'll rest easy knowing that she's getting candy from a reliable source.

Too Many Hats said...

Yes, trick or treat with Avery! Why does the ped not recommend the swine flu shot for her? I cannot beleive your purse was just fine!!!

M J said...

It's a little late for trick-or-treating advise, but As someone who LOVES dressing up (and still does most years) yeah, trick-or-treating! ... or at least a church carnival where she can dress up! I've never had a micro-preemie, or dealt with RSV, so won't touch that one, but I will say skip the flu shot! It always makes you a little bit sick when you get it, and many people get the flu despite having had the shot. Just not worth it, especially if your pedi doesn't even recommend it! :)

M J said...

Oh, and have I mentioned that you should move to Texas? ;)

LucieP said...

oh wow...sounds like your memory and "busy" brain are about the same as mine!

thekennonfamily said...

I have no advice, but I hope everything settles down for you soon.

I do have a little insight on the swine flu shot. Cam and I both got one about 4 days ago and besides the normal crankiness after a shot (for both of us, lol) we have been perfectly fine. No sickness. The doctor told me that most people that get really sick after a flu shot have already been exposed to the virus before the shot and it just happens to manifest itself around the same time. My decision for Cam was based on the fact that every week in Arkansas I have read where a 2 year old or toddler has been hospitalized for Swine flu. I was too scared to take that chance. In the end I would ultimately follow the advice of your pedi. Cam's doctor helped seal the deal for me. :-)

Cristi said...

Where was Denises trailer, thats an idea.

Penny said...

No to the flu shot! The swine flu one contains mercury. They won't let you put it, wrapped in glass, under your tongue, but want to inject you with it?!
The rest of your decisions, I can't offer advice on. We've got too many to make ourselves right now. :(

brtty Stella said...

I would follow the ped. advice. Avery is a preemie and maybe would be more at risk for side effects.
So much negative chatter going around about this vaccine it makes you wonder!