Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can I have a turn in the recliner, pllllease?

The other day Charlie got home from work and Avery did her normal routine. She ran full speed to meet him at the back door and give him a big ole' hug. After that, it was back to work! She walked into the living room. We followed, just a few steps behind. Charlie walked into the living room and immediately said "Oh my gosh Casey, we have a problem!" She had climbed on the couch all by herself! We thought we had a real problem on our hands until my mom suggested that we teach her how to get off. Since then, things have run much smoother. What would we do with ya, Nonna? : )

In the last week, she has learned to climb in the recliner and the computer chair. She is becoming a bit demanding and wants to do what she wants, when she wants, in the order she wants. Now, being rocked in mama's favorite recliner doesn't suffice. She pulls on me until I get out of my favorite chair, then crawls in herself and asks for her blankie. Did I mention that she also gets highly upset if anything but Baby Einstein is on the TV? She finds the DVD case and brings it to me and points at the TV. I figured I would 'fix her little red wagon' so I hid the DVD case. Well, now she brings me the remote (and not just any 1 of the 3 remotes - she brings me the remote that turns the TV to the DVD player!) and points at the TV until her show comes on! So, you can imagine us trying to reason with a 21 month to 'please let mama sit in her chair with you' and 'Can we please watch this instead of Baby Einstein?' Charlie thinks it's time she got her own TV. Um, NO, not gonna happen!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

haha someone is way smarter than her parents want her to least about the tv;)

Curran said...

LOL I can't even sit in the computer chair when Addy is around. Poor Buddy can't sit on the couch AT ALL (we have a huge L shaped couch) because Addy thinks she has to sit everywhere! It's a circus!

BTW - want to buy a cute little black pomeranian? My mom just had to put her last pom to sleep last Monday & her husband decided she needed a new pom! She has made it clear that she is done with puppies after having 3 over a 20 year period!

Too Many Hats said...

That's why God makes our children so adorable we cannot help but love 'em even when they are so demanding. She is a cutie pie.