Sunday, April 25, 2010


What’s Spring without pictures of beautiful flowers and adorable little girls pulling them off the bushes. (Oh, and golf too!) Ahhhhh....Spring! Can you smell it? Can you see it all around you? Can you tell it’s my favorite season? (In Fall, I may say that Fall is my favorite, but I will never say Summer or Winter is!)


Penny said...

Wouldn't you know, they're both my favorites too, but both have me sneezing like crazy! I hate that part. I do like winter for that reason~ NO POLLEN! ha
The ONLY thing I love about summer is school being out! lol
Sweet pictures! I love Spring pictures. Fall, too, but couldn't get any of Shelbi then. The weather and our work/school schedules never cooperated. :(

Cristi said...

Sweet pictures! Now my azaleas all dead. Sniff sniff- I never got any pictures of anyone by it this year. Glad you got her by yours. Love yall.

Malinda said...

Love the pictures by the azaleas. I wanted to do some of SM this year but never got around to it.

Stormie's Mommy said...

I love the last picture! SOOOO CUte and such a big girl holding her hands together and smiling!!! O and I love the outfit!!