Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: 2009 Tea Party

I love the expressions in this picture. Not the best of me, but who cares what you look like when you get a sweet smile from a precious baby, right? 

We were attending Avery's first tea party. No, not the play dress up and drink with your pinky finger out kind. The protest the government until they listen and change kind. I had hope a year ago that protestors could make a difference. Today, I find myself counting down the days till the Novemeber election, where hopefully the GOP can regain some control and reverse some serious setbacks for our country (like ObamaCare). I am also counting down the days (1002 to be exact) until he is G-O-N-E. Other than that, I'm putting faith in God that He is really the One in control, he is the ONLY one that can offer hope or real change. And I'm praying that he'll show us, as parents, how to raise our little girl in the right way (pun intended) so that she will never feel entitled, but will always know you have to work hard and earn everything that you have on this Earth.

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Penny said...

That is a really sweet picture! =)