Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

Last weekend, we went to the zoo. Avery has never been and it was on my list of things to do in the Spring. This weather is too great to not get out and enjoy it! It was a perfect 73 degress, with a slight breeze and sunny skies!
Avery enjoyed the zoo and was so well behaved the whole time - no meltdowns! It was such a fun afternoon and I think there will be many trips in our future! Here are some of the way too many pictures I took.


thekennonfamily said...

Yay for the zoo! I so wanted to squeeze in a zoo trip before the baby gets here but that's just not gonna happen, so this year Cam will just have to enjoy the petting zoo I'm hoping to get him to tomorrow at ASU. :-)

D said...

I love her outfit! She's a little doll!

Penny said...

There's a petting zoo in Lasalle Parish we're taking the kindergarten classes to on the 30th. I'll let you know if it'd be worth it for you to go. Seeing as how she loves animals so much. =)