Monday, January 5, 2009

Follow up Visit and Birthday Plans

So today we went back to Dr. Khanfar. He said Avery's lungs sound better but he wants to continue her breathing treatments. We can decrease them to 2 per day and once the cough goes away once a day for 2 days. So we are praying that cough goes away asap! We don't have to follow up but we're going back for her 1 yr check up on her birthday anyway. Poor Dr. K, when he walks in the room Avery looks at me and immediately frowns and cries. It is terrible. The worst part is holding her down (which I have to do!) while he looks in her ears, throat, etc. Whew! She is so relieved, as soon as I pick her up she is done crying but in the middle of it you would think she was dying!

In other much more fun news, Avery's invites have arrived and are PERFECT. The only problem is they have the wrong address (in Vidalia) b/c plans have changed since she came down with RSV. So I'm including a small insert to let everyone know where it is and a reminder about only coming if they are completely well! lol, yes I'm overdoing it! What can I say for myself? So here are the adorbale invites and an equally gorgeous cake. Now I just have to decide what fillings should go in each layer and I have to find a fabulous tiara....any suggestions?

Of course, ours will say Happy Birthday Avery!

And here are the invites...


Cristi said...

Love the little picture storybook of Avery ready for Dr. K. Cute!

thekennonfamily said...

This is our new camera...Linda may get mad because it's on a better sale now, lol
Kodak - EasyShare 10.7-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black
Model: Z1015 IS

The Glenn Gang said...

The birthday cake and invites are soooo cute!

mallory said...

i LOVE the cake and invites!

Calley said...

I love the cake and invitations!! How girly! Despite being the ONLY gal in the house...I manage to still cling to my girliness! I love frills!! Those are adorable.

Daniel & Denise said...

I know! Time is flying by! I can't wait for Anna to get here! I just pray that we make it to Natchez if she decides to come early!

How is Avery? And I LOVE the cake and invitations...I know in about a year I will be doing the same girly as can be!

Daniel & Denise said...

Oh, and I have been meaning to tell you that I think we are going to use Dr. K also! Daniels mom is a nurse practioner and thinks she can get us in there (not sure if it is hard to get in with him or not but I guess it helps with her knowing them at the office!) I told her that it was who I thought you used for Avery and several others I know do also!

Now trying to decide on all the babysitter options!

So much to do in so little time!

LucieP said...

the invites are great!
awww...girly stuff...what's that like?! i especially love the part at the end about people being well!

poor baby has RSV...I missed that...I have been on vacation and only accessing stuff from my cell.

I'm so glad you have such a great pedi!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how cute is that!!! adorable! i have a tiara place online but they are real.

didn't you KNOW i'd have that? ha ha and i don't blame you one bit to tell people to stay away if they are sick, i had a lung removed and when i get even a cold it is awful! you are right!

now about why i don't like the fantasy? it was the cruise from hell. people in the atrium with no shirts and shoes, pink fuzzy slippers in the dining room, a fight in the atruim, the smell of sewer in the hallways, etc. etc. etc. never again! i love carnival but not that ship!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

where did you get the invitations?

Avery's Mommy said...

hi anonymous -

i got them from who sells on ebay

email her and i ASSURE you, you will NOT be disappointed. great work and wonderful customer service. cheap too! :)