Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So, here we go...

1. I did not ask the doctor to test my thyroid to help explain the 20 lb weight gain over the last year. I was not disappointed when I called today and they said it was completely normal.

2. I most certainly did not gripe all day at work about the weight gain and then drive straight to Vieux Carre Gourmet to get some very tasty Lobster Bisque. And I certainly did not buy some irresistible mini cheesecakes while I was there. Absolutely NOT!

3. I did not reschedule Avery's birthday party to the weekend after next because I have 3 sick relatives (Poppa, Gran gran & Paps) who would not be able to attend. Germs really don't bother me.

4. I did not turn on Baby Einstein in hopes of putting Avery down to write this blog. She is not whining a little off and on as I type this. I mean I would never use Baby Einstein to distract Avery while I get things done!

5. I did not spend at least an hour yesterday organizing pictures on the computer and saving them to a flash drive. I did not have to use a 2GB flash drive and 2 CD's just to save the pictures from the last 3 months! Bye bye hard drive :(

6. Avery is not having another very fussy day and she is certainly not screaming every time I even start to put her down. She does not have a total panic attack if I lay her in her crib. I am not currently holding her in my lap to finish this post while she attempts to chew on Post-its! I am not really wondering when I'll have time to cook supper, straighten the house, etc with Mrs. Fussy showing out. She is certainly not getting spoiled by daddy and I who hold her all day because there really doesn't seem to be another option!

7. And last, but not least, I did not call a contractor to give me a quote on taking out my leaning toilet and replacing it with a new toilet and all new flooring. We've been through this before people...I never have plumbing issues, remember? I didn't have to laugh at myself and say God totally has a sense of humor when the contractor, along w/ his wife & child (don't worry I put Avery in her bubble) showed up in the middle of me making chicken n' dumplings, biscuits, feeding and bathing Avery and everything else. You see, I love to keep an extremely tidy house so God did not feel the need to send over visitors in the midst of total and complete chaos with baby food splattered everywhere and Bisquick galore. No, of course not, they came any other hour of the day when the house was perfectly clean!


Cristi said...

That was too funny! MMMmmmmm Lobster bisque! Oh I did not make cookies and eat so many I am full right now! Dont tell Calley, we are jogging later! LOL

Cristi said...

Oops forgot to mention I love the new background!

Deborah said...

I so did exactly what you did on your #1. It wasn't my thyroid either although it may still have to come out and I still can't blame the weight on it. As far as the cleaning. I had to clean for the babysitter on New Years Eve because I hadn't cleaned since before Christmas!

LucieP said...

I would be so happy for you if you got a new bathroom! No more floods...what's a girl to do?!