Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lil' Miss Fussy

I have officially changed Avery's name to lil' Miss Fussy! And she has learned a new 'trick'; She can holler now. And boy is it loud! It is funny at first but can very quickly become (dare I say...) annoying! Charlie said he couldn't put her down today and I figured he was exagerrating, but when he met me at the door with her when I got off at 5, I understood what he meant. She was a fussy little thing - I think the culprit is a new tooth...darn those teeth! So, needless to say she started the day off on the wrong side of the bed...

This is 5am this morning while I'm trying to get ready. Usually she will easily play in her crib, or the living room, or the jumperoo, or watch Baby Einstein. She was not having any of it this morning. She wanted mommys attention 100%. Have you ever tried to hold a baby while putting on mascara? Let me tell you it is near impossible, but when the baby wants to hold the mascara wand that you're trying to use - it IS impossible. The result..."Yes, Miss Fussy, you can sit in the sink and play with mommy's makeup....if you must."

Don't let these smiles fool you, this was yesterday, when she was a happy lil princess!

Charlie was trying to show me this thing she does w/ him where she'll touch her head to his and look at him...of course, when we want her to do something for the camera...she never does!

And these are from this weekend, her first taste of kiwi, she wasn't too sure about it!

We still love you lil Miss Fussy! :)

Birthday countdown...1 week left...Oh yes, definitely expect a nice, long birthday preparations post!


Bonnie said...

You know that Avery is never FUSSY.
What do yall say those things about her, knowing she can't defend herself, thats the reason she hollers..HAHAHA. I am just joking, I know how fussy they can get teething. It's no fun. Hope she gets better..

Cristi said...

Ok I am with Bonnie, dont you be fussin at my sweetie cause she is fussin! LOL Oh and you've been tagged! Check this out!

Curran said...

I have put Addison in the sink many times while I try to put on make-up, etc! Our girls are so silly! BTW - I have sweet potatoes baking in the oven for a batch of baby food. Have zucchini too, but haven't cooked it yet.

Curran said...

i don't think she looks like an oompa loompa!

Kylie said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Adrienne's blog and it caught my attention because my daughter's name is Avery, too :) She is almost 14 months old and I laughed scanning through your blog because I have to put her in my sink to play with my make up while I get ready every morning, too! She loves it- she pretends to put it on and laughs. It's great! Glad your Avery loves it too! :)

Maria said...

Hope you had a FANTASTIC Birthday Avery!!!

God Bless