Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sorry it's been so long but here's an update just so Niki D. doesn't gripe at me Monday morning at work because she doesn't have a blog update to read. :)

I will admit I have been a blog/picture taker slacker this week. I know - what a terrible excuse for a mom, right! I guess this birthday planning is a little bit consuming. I keep thinking I have everything and then my mind wanders. I think "A nice pink tulle bow would be great w/ the tutu in the photo shoot" and before I know it I'm ebaying and googling until I find the 'perfect' one. I should probably visit next to see how much damage I've done this weekend! Everything is ready to go - except the bow - I am still looking for the perfect one. The decorations and supplies are stacked on the table, the wand and tiara are on the way, the gifts are wrapped, the banner came in and the cake is ordered. The invites are stuffed and hopefully I can get them out Monday morning. I forgot the pink pen at Chase...ooops! (Yes, Niki & I work really hard, as you can see - no, really - WE DO!)

Nonna and Poppa visited today and we had a good time. We did some rearranging and I just LOVE my new living room. We are using the coffee table as a more sturdy TV stand and I feel much better about it (as far as babyproofing goes).

In other boring news, we relisted the house. We took it off the market for 60 days after no offers in 6 mos. So, we will see. We finally got a chance to discuss what we really wanted to do in the next few years. We both still really want to be near our family and friends in Vi-Lou. As most of you know, we work opposite schedules and very rarely have time for such conversations! We had a DATE - yes I mean a leave the baby with a SITTER and go out for an hour and a half DATE! I was a nervous wreck but it turned out great. I will admit that I texted the sitter for longer than I will admit (until my husband insisted the cell phone go in my purse) and she was so sweet to send me a video of Avery playing. The only problem is the day after the date the therapist (Denise) came and Avery had a TOTAL meltdown. She clung to me like never before and wouldn't go near Denise for the entire hour. It was major separation anxiety. She did great w/ nonna and poppa but then cried when the realtor came. I really hope this birthday party doesn't turn into a disaster!

Oh well, for thinking I had nothing to blog about this sure did turn out long. And now I have not a single picture to share with you. Shame on me...and sorry for rambling! :) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! Besides, Monday will be here before you know it...back to the grind...ya know, the hard knock life where I have to address invites and Niki catches up on all her blogs? Dontcha just hate Mondays? ;)

PS - If any of you ladies out there need a good cry (like only us women can understand) see Bring the Rain. Watch the video. Grab a box of Kleenex before you even click.


Anonymous said...
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lifeasahancock said...

Thanks for the comment! I am on the edge of my seat waiting on the dresser to come in! I think I may call this week to see exactly when it will come in!! You have the cutest blog and I love to keep up with your family through it!