Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Hello people...its definitely a Monday. It definitely feels like a Monday.

So here goes...and why not make your own Not Me Monday? Totally fun to confess all the crazy things you did during the week (if you can actually remember them!) So, go see MckMama and read all about it!
1. I did not have a super busy day at work. No, not me. I had time to address every invite, do all of my work, blog, email and everything else I wanted to do. Dontcha just hate Mondays?
2. I did not spend over half of my day performing a job function - HR Recruiter - which is entirely not mine because I have never been trained on it, much less am I paid for it. I did not set up an interview for a girl who couldn't even tell me what interested her in the position. I certainly didn't do that. A coworker and I did not conclude that everyone deserves an interview in these tough economic times. Besides, we have to recruit like a bazillion people - so we certainly didn't make a pact that everyone would pass our little test. Oh yeah, everyone except sweetf****** She didn't get an interview, or even a phone call for that matter.
3. I did not just type a whole paragraph about work today. I wouldn't be that overwhelmed with my job right now, as to let it be a part of Avery's blog! I am not about to admit that mail lady - thats me - didn't even attempt to deliver the mail today. It is certainly not stuffed in my desk until tomorrow. Nah, I didn't do that!
4. I did not chicken out on a fondant cake for a one year olds birthday party and request buttercream icing instead!
5. I did not put off running on the treadmill again this morning when my alarm went off at 4:45. I do not firmly believe that no one should ever be forced to wake up earlier than 5am, for any reason.
6. I did not get out of cooking tonight by tempting Charlie with fast food, lol, so I can address Avery's invitations. I would never put off my wifely duties to send out silly birthday invitations! No, not me!
7. I did not pull a silver fork out of my purse today so I could eat lunch at my desk so I could *try* to finish all of my work.
8. I did not have a front yard full of raw sewage this weekend. I mean, my house is perfect in every way and nothing would ever go wrong w/ the plumbing at my house!
9. Avery did not have a total meltdown with her therapist the day after I left her with a babysitter. I have not scarred her for life by leaving her for an hour and a half to go eat with Charlie at Outback...did I?
Ok - now its your turn!

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LucieP said...

first of all--no way jose did you scar your child by having adult time!
second of all, it seems like you poor thing just had sewage issues..ugh!
third...i am so over work too! I just wanna stay at home already!