Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Count it all Joy

First let me say that I've just read this post written by MckMama. And it made me cry. (She is a great blogger! If you don't follow her - start today and you will not regret it!) And it made me think. Wow, what a complainer I have been this week. It has been a rough one. Busy and stressful at work, a fussy baby at home, blah....blah...blah. So I've basically been throwing a week long pity party. Why can't I just get ahead for once? Why can't things just go right? Why can't people just do their work and quit putting it off on me? Why can't Avery just quit whining?

Completely forgetting the miracles. Not stopping to give him thanks. What a shame.

Since I'm writing this post, I guess I'll speak for myself. I'm so quick to talk about something that's not going right. So quick to gripe about something at work. So quick to tell Charlie that Avery has done nothing but whine all evening. But when I'm surprised by joy, am I quick to share? When things are going right at work, am I thankful? Am I quick to tell my coworkers that I'm having a great day? Am I thankful to have a job in the first place? Shame, shame, shame on me.

533 days ago, I walked into a sonogram. Not necessarily nervous, probably a little bit though (considering my past). 5 seconds after the technician started, I was nervous. I knew immediately something was wrong, I had paid for the 4D and she wasn't even showing me! Blood flow and bone length? BORING! I want to see her face! And shortly after, I did see her face. Her tiny little face, as I laid on the operating table. I was surprised by joy, just like MckMama.

What made this pregnancy different from the last? How did she make it for 31 weeks? How did she make it for the 4 weeks without growing at all inside of me? I cannot imagine the alternative, I cannot bear to think of it. I have been blessed with the most amazing gift I could ever receive. How can I complain? How can I not celebrate every day? How can I not count it all joy? This tiny baby came into our lives 533 days ago and has done nothing but amaze us ever since. How dare I not count every single second all joy?


Penny said...

You, not MckMama, made me tear up. Maybe because I've witnessed your miracle personally. (Just today one of my kid's mom said Randa prays every night for "Baby Avery.") =)
Maybe, it made me tear up because I'm guilty of the same thing. I've gotten in a bad habit of accentuating the negatives. I've really tried to be more positive. I have SO much to be thankful for too. A great husband, healthy kids, (that is a BIG one for me), beautiful healthy grands, financial blessing, a new job, etc. God has also delivered me and my family through SO many things I've seen others destroyed by. I really don't take those things lightly or for granted. Yet, I do gripe when things are frustrating me. I do share our miracles and they make for an AWESOME testimony, but what kind of testimony do my complaints make? Am I essentially saying "My God's not able?!"
Oh, well maybe I need to make my own post about this, too and get off your blog. I might just do that. Thanks for the food for thought, Casey. I really think this is one of your most beautiful posts ever. =)

Too Many Hats said...

Guilty as charged - thanks for the reminder to count it ALL joy. That baby pic of Avery is remarkable!

Cristi said...

533 Amazing days! We are blessed beyond measure. I cant wait to see her whiny little self. I love you! Mom

Calley said...

It is so easy to look at all that is not right, rather than all the ways we are blessed. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Mallory said...

such a sweet post =) and believe me, you're not the only one who complains more than gives thanks...i'm working on myself in that aspect =)

LucieP said...

ok now you're making me cry