Monday, July 20, 2009

A Sick Little Girl

My apparent lack of blogging can be summed up to one word: Gingivostomatitis. Yes, I have one sick little girl. And I just couldn't find it in my heart to take pictures and show you the proof. And I would warn against a google image search if you plan on eating in the near future. Basically, its ulcers and blisters in and around her mouth. The long g word is caused by the same virus that causes cold sores. Yuck! Accompanied by a sore throat, high fever and a cranky baby who refuses to eat anything she is offered. Sounds fun, huh? So, please forgive me for the blog slackin' but I've been tending to a sick lil princess who requires 24/7 attention and care! Here is a recap of the last week and I'm sure it will be quite boring but will be a great help to me if she gets these symptoms again :)
  • Monday, July 13th - Avery ran fever in the middle of the night, but it was gone in the morning.
  • Tuesday, July 14th - Avery went to Christina's house (the babysitter) and did fine until 3:30. She became very lethargic and started running a fever. I get off of work at 3:30, so I rushed to get her and decided it must be some more molars coming through - )last time she had a pretty high fever and even threw up w/ a molar coming through).
  • Wednesday, July 15th - Charlie stayed home with her and I had scheduled 1/2 day off. We were supposed to have a little date, but priorities changed when a sick baby was involved. She didn't eat much at all and was fussy throughout the day. The fever continued, even with Tylenol or Motrin every 4 hours.
  • Thursday, July 16th - She woke up refusing to eat again and the fever was at an all time high for the week - 102.6. I called the pedi and they insisted I come in and that the fever was much too high for teething. I left work to take her to the pedi. Dr. K is on vacation for 3 weeks, must be nice, so his partner Dr. Y looked at Avery. She looked in her mouth and said "Oh my goodness!" She said their were blisters and her gums were swollen. They did bloodwork to determine it was a virus, not an infection, and she told me to give her 1/2 tsp of Benadryl mixed with 1/2 tsp of Maalox every 5-6 hours. She also told me that the combination of Motrin and Tylenol can cause problems with kidneys, so I should not alternate them (Which is what Dr. K had told me to do once before - sure wish they would get on the same page!) Avery refused to eat anything, was fussy and ran fever all day.
  • Friday, July 17th - My lovely parents came to keep Avery so I could go to work. She did a little better, but ate very little.
  • Saturday, July 18th - She ate a good breakfast (thanks McDonald's!) but not much more. The fever was off and on, but not constant and she was less fussy.
  • Sunday, July 19th - She wouldn't eat all day and FINALLY decided to eat supper - who can resist a slice of Johnny's pizza and a chocolate eclair?
  • Monday, July 20th - Charlie said her mouth still looks terrible, he got a good look at the inside today and she has 12 sores on the outside (up 2 from last night). I've also noticed she is pulling on her ear - Dr. Y mentioned it looked a little pink - which can only mean one thing: Another trip to the pedi! Thankfully, Gigi and Paps have come down to be here for the week if needed. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow, but everything I can find online says one to two weeks, so we will see. I am so glad we didn't plan on going to San Antonio with the rest of my family this week! God always plans ahead :)

Please pray for our little angel to feel better. There is nothing worse than a sick baby that you can't help!

In other news, I have no excuse to whine as much as Avery, but thanks to starting Atkins today it may just turn out that Charlie has two whiny babies on his hands! Besides, I think I ate enough this weekend during my eat-all-the-carbs-you-possibly-can binge to last well until I'm down to my goal weight! Hope you have a decent Monday, after all, decent on Monday's is about as good as it gets!


M J said...

Awwwww, poor sweetheart! :( Hope she gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby, and poor parents.. as far as the Atkin's, it's not that bad. If I get a chance I will email you some things that we came up when Steven was on it.
Love yall
Kiss Avery for me and tell her I hope she gets to feeling better..

Laura said...

So sorry to hear about your princess! I hope she feels better soon.

Daniel & Denise said...

OMG!! Poor baby! We are still in the sick house too! Double ear infections, major conjestion and sore throat...we too had to see Dr it just me or are we way partial to Dr K? Daniel took Anna and wasn't thrilled! LOL I hope everything goes better for yall! I would offer to help you out since I totally understand the living away from your family but it sounds like we need to stay far away from each other!! Praying for yall!!

thekennonfamily said...

Wow. I'm so sorry! I hope Avery gets better soon. That sounds an awful lot like the Coxsackie Virus Cameron had...right down to the benadryl/maalox mixture. That was not fun at all. I totally feel for you. Hope the rest of this week is better for Avery and you, of course.

Kasey Campbell said...

Poor baby! I feel so bad for her (and yall!)

Just wanted to say if you need any Atkins meal/snack ideas, I'll help ya out, because I did well on it. I lost all the weight I wanted by doing it, and now am just doing low calorie to try and maintain. But Atkins actually got me down to below what I was in high school, so I love that diet! Also, results are pretty fast!

Penny said...

I tried Atkins a long time ago. It works--- if you can give up bread, which I can't. ;)
Hope Avery's feeling better soon. It took me a while to get over it, but that was my best diet! I lost 15 lbs. in three weeks! Horrible way to do it, though! She sounds like she's eating more than I could. I lived off of the middle of a slice of white bread (so much for Atkins ;) and fudgesicles those three weeks. At least chocolate and bread are two of my favorite food groups. LOL

Too Many Hats said...

Oh poor Avery. I am praying she gets well soon.

Curran said...

I'm sorry you all are going through this right now. Hoping & praying the little princess is back to normal soon! And good luck to you with Atkins. I've been following 'Eat This, Not That' & it's helped me drop a few more pounds (along with my elliptical machine that HATES me)!