Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, it's another Monday. Why do Monday's always, always, always go so, so bad? At least mine do. And I can't figure out if it's all in my head, but at the time it really doesn't feel like it. Maybe it's because weekends spoil me rotten. Especially these days. Blessings abound on weekends. My wonderful, perfect (yes, and I really do believe that) parents, my hilarious husband and my sweet angel baby - usually we're all together and life is just plain good. Then there's Monday. I think that's the core of the problem :) So enough complaining about Monday's. There is one good thing about Monday's - Not Me Monday's!!! So take a look at MckMama's blog for all the nitty gritty details...and then write your own...they really are fun! So go ahead....spilllll!

Here we go....
1. I did not assume the deep freeze had been empty for a while, since Avery started to refuse breastmilk, so I did not decide we should probably sell it. I did not open it to find a bag of breastmilk from March 2008 nicely frozen, labeled and organized. I did not decide not to mention this to Charlie, unless he happens to read the blog, because it would probably really gross him out. Oh by the way, I have this barely used, great deep freeze for sale - anyone interested? Ha!

2. I did not go venture into a children's clothing store in town, without really meaning to, and proceed to buy the 'hoochie mama dress' and a few other things. When the nice clerk asked which branch of Chase I worked at, I did not get a little freaked out and ask, "How do you know I work at Chase???" He did not kindly reply, "Ummmm, well...your t-shirt, ma'am." Yes, of course, plastered across my chest were the letters C-H-A-S-E. I did not say "Wow, some days I am such a blonde!" and then leave quickly, never even explaining which one I worked at!

3. I did not get a bit stressed at work after I had to do the late night privacy audit last Monday and tell my boss I wouldn't be in until 9 on Tuesday. I had not planned on sleeping in and decide sleeping in was a waste of time when I could be grocery shopping. So I certainly did not wake up at 5am, as usual, get myself and Avery ready, and head off to WalMart on an early Tuesday morning. I assure you, the parking lot looked like pure heaven and one side was completely empty. Wow! I thought, what a great idea. I'll park on this side and get the first spot! I did not figure out, upon waiting for the automatic door to open, that it was so early the doors on one side were still locked and my great idea wasn't so great after all. And that would probably explain why I was the only car on that side.

4. I also did not quickly rip open a box of Nilla Wafers when Avery started to get a bit antsy in the buggy (for you Northerners, buggy = shopping cart). And I certainly did not sit the box of Nilla Wafers beside her in the buggy and let her for the rest of the time in the store. Whatever works...right?
*CPS Disclaimer: Avery had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast before we left, so I counted those cookies as her 'morning snack!'

5. I did not give into the demanding princess when she was having meltdowns waiting in the car after the fireworks. She was not allowed OUT of the car seat for a few minutes while we sat in a parking lot, not moving for what seemed like an hour. She was not a little too tired to behave herself and sit nicely in her car seat.
*CPS Disclaimer: Once traffic started moving, she was promptly snapped in her seat for the ride home!

6. I certainly, after posting a previous post about DEFINITELY NOT wanting another 'one' right now, did not try to convince my husband that we should adopt a little boy that lives in the neighborhood and is not well taken care of. Charlie did not vehemently refuse and insist that instead, I should call CPS so someone will "brush his teeth" and "clean him up". If Charlie had agreed to adopt him, I would never consider walking down to his house and knocking on the door requesting that I take him home. Never, ever, ever. Poor Harvey.
*CPS Disclaimer: Harvey is not his real name, I'll call you later with all the details.


Anonymous said...

I don't think disclaimers are allowed!! You are so funny. I think all mothers at one time or another have opened something in the grocery stores to satisfy a upset child.. Glad yall had a good weekeknd..

Penny said...

At least you gave her something you could PAY for, instead of bananas like Noah's other grandma did! (He told me--- he was going through a banana phase. So I paid for a bunch of bananas when we went to Wal-Mart just so he could have his snack and try to teach him about HONESTY and not STEALING. Sheesh!)
Anyway, I've also had a clerk ask me which school I worked at. When I looked surprised, she pointed to my hand. I had a smiley face sticker on it one of the kids had given me. =)
PS Your mom feels so sorry for one of our neighborhood kids too. She said, "Poor little thing... he's so sweet." And I replied, "He must not be flipping you off when he rides his bike right out in front of you!" LOL

LucieP said...

I love the disclaimers!
I have never flat ironed my hair at work...I don't know what you're talking about!
I have also never parked on the empty side only to realize that side is closed. I've also never questioned why someone was asking me a question when I was wearing the answer. Ever.
I knew there was a reason why I liked you. :)

Daniel & Denise said...

You crack me up!

At least you have good reason for being unsure about another child, I'm just scared I might have a boy! (Which is what Daniel wants) LOL

Cristi said...

Pennys comment cracked me up and you know why!

Mallory said...

You crack me up with all the CPS disclaimers =)

Beth E. said...

Great Not Me's! The disclaimers were really cute, too.

So sorry to hear about "Harvey," though. It's so sad when parents neglect their breaks my heart! Please keep us posted.