Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swimming, golfing and jumping - Oh my!

Although the first time I attempted to put Avery in water wasn't the best, she certainly loved swimming at Nonna's! She also had a grand time toddling around the yard, 'playing golf', and jumping on the trampoline with daddy. And here's the proof: (courtesy, once again, of Nonna!) Oh yes, and for those of you that asked, Nonna has a Nikon D60 with some kinda lens attached.


Daniel & Denise said...

Since we can never meet up in West Monroe we may need to get our Vidalia weekends together!! LOL

Avery was toooo cute in the pool! Anna has loved the water so far, even when I dunked her!

Penny said...

Cute! I can't wait till Leon's big enough to play like that. Well, yes I can--- I'm enjoying him at this age SO much! He is the sweetest calmest baby EVER! So much like his mommy, but smiles, laughs, and coos much more than she did at this age! =)

Beth E. said...

What awesome pictures! Avery is adorable...your hubby's kinda cute, too! ;-) LOL

thekennonfamily said...

Such a beautiful little girl!!!

We'll be home this weekend for the 4th. I have something to tell you, but I lost your number when I changed phones. I soaked my other phone and didn't have all my numbers saved to the (damaged) Sim card.

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