Friday, July 3, 2009

Da-da's Birthday, Father's Day and Molars!

Da-da's Birthday happened to be on a Saturday. It was also June 20th, the day before Father's Day. Of course, the only thing he wanted to do was play 18 holes of golf. He, Uncle Josh and Paps (Avery's great grandpa) hit the golf course bright and early. Nonna, Avery and I caught up with them and had a fun time playing at a nearby park. We also found da-da on the golf course and took a quick ride in the golf cart. I even stayed behind to be his personal driver and caddy (lol) for the last 9 holes. Nonna took Avery home for a nap. Afterwards Nonna grilled, per Charlie's request and we had a delicious cake and he opened presents. Fun stuff!

Father's Day wasn't as fun as Saturday. Avery ran a pretty high fever most of the day and then threw up (for the first time ever). Later, I figured out she is teething - and its molars! I have heard horror stories and although Sunday and Monday were pretty rough, so far it's been smooth sailing. Actually for the first time in a verrrry lonnnng time Avery has slept in her crib, ALL.NIGHT.LONG, for 4 nights this week! I have no idea what caused this phenomenon, but I am definitely telling her how proud her mommy and daddy are that she is being such a big girl!

Delicious! Italian Cream Cake, with Cream Cheese Icing and Carmel w/ Pecans Filling...YUM!

Yes, Avery brought her clubs too!

Thinking about taking a bite out of that rock...


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

looks like y'all had a great time! love the family pic, y'all are such a cute family!

Too Many Hats said...

Blog hopped on over here. What a beautiful family. Did you make that Italian Cream Cake? If so, I need the recipe - sounds nummers!