Monday, November 14, 2011

Empire State Building

The Empire State building was great. But the lines were long. I must’ve went during a peak time but I waited quite a while to get to the 86th floor but it was worth it! There was a bit of entertainment while waiting - a short, Indian looking man was skipping line. He eased right past me and the people behind me pointed him out. One at a time, he was skipping line! All the tourists around me noticed him. It was pretty funny - I’m just glad he didn’t blow us all up! The security was pretty tight there, thankfully :)
You could see the whole city from the top and my NYC Pass (that my sweet coworkers gave me for my bday before I left) came with a free audio tour. That was really cool and I would definitely recommend it. Otherwise, I would’ve had no idea what I was looking at up there! I learned a lot about NYC that day. After I was done, I hopped back on my bus tour and headed to Little Italy for the best Italian food my mouth has ever tasted! But there be a whole post about food, don’t you worry! ;) 

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Penny said...

I thought Charlie told you to "act like you've been here before" and there you are with an "I heart NY" shirt on. lol Just kidding. Love the posts and pictures. Living vicariously through you and Beth because I highly doubt I'll ever go to NY. lol