Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top of the Rock

After a carriage ride in Central Park and shopping at FAO Schwarz, we were ready for a great dinner. We ate at the Sea Grill, overlooking the ice skating rink at Rockefeller. My only regret is that I didn’t dress for the occasion. It was pretty fancy, schmancy but they let me in - in my I HEART NY hoodie! Yikes!  
The food was fabulous and it was so nice to celebrate my 27th birthday in NYC. This is one I will never forget! After dinner, we went to the Top of the Rock. It’s almost as tall as the Empire State Building and it’s also at Rockefeller. Center It was much quicker than the ESB and before I knew it we were looking at nighttime in NYC from a bird’s eye view. It was just BEAUTIFUL. After a quick stop at the Ben & Jerry’s in the building (can’t beat Cherry Garcia!) we were headed back to Brooklyn. It was an evening I’ll never forget, thanks to my husband! He worked hard all week and was really sick by Friday night, but he was a trooper so that I could have this wonderful night with him in the city.  And to my parents, who were way to generous with my birthday card. ;) 


Mallory said...

Love these pictures, the city is absolutely gorgeous at night! And so glad that you are taking the time to blog your memories of the trip, I have enjoyed reading! :)

Cristi said...

First it seems IMPOSSIBLE that you are 27, but anyway. Great post. Great pictures. Glad you got the experience. Love you tons. Oh and that steak looks more than amazing!