Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYC Eats

While in NYC, we enjoyed some of the local favorites - Grimaldi’s pizza was DELICIOUS! But I would give Nathan’s a big thumb down! Five Guys burgers was enough to feed an army - in one order! Hands down, Little Italy was like a heavenly experience for me. I had Angelo’s and it was PHENOMENAL! Such a great atmosphere too. They were SO Italian and it was family owned. I asked the manager if he was Angelo and he said “Angelo? Noooo...we just put him in the ground.” WOW! Thank you Angelo, for leaving that recipe for stuffed mushrooms before you left us - yum yum yum!

Most places I went served bread and olive oil...loved it!

The brick oven at Grimaldi's. Right after I snapped this he said "No pictures, please!" They are serious about their pizza.

A quiet little bistro on a rainy NY day...

Yummy salad and it looks so healthy too!

Speaking of healthy....ummm....can you say heart attack waiting to happen? All I ordered was the regular cheeseburger at Five Guys! And one order of fries could've easily fed a family of 5!

Even in NY, I can't resist a good Red Lobster biscuit. This was on my last day at the Red Lobster in Times Square...

Dinner at a fancy restaurant at 30 Rock...The Sea Grill

My chicken was great, although it was pretty pricey to come with no sides! Lol. And the bread on the table left something to be desired. It was hard as a rock!

Breakfast at Junior's...right before the snow. It was SO good!

Grimaldi's...there is always a line waiting outside

Waiting on the

Five guys...

Ewww....worst meal of the week.

Charlie being silly at Junior's

Our hotel had Junior's cheesecake...I had more than a few pieces :)

This is in the window at Junior's

Fancy McDonald's in Times Square, I didn't eat there though

The Hard Rock was fun and DELICIOUS!

My sweet Angelo's ...


Cristi said...

Oh that all looks yummy! I think thats crazy that they wont let you take pictures in that pizza place!

Beth said...

We really wanted to eat at Grimaldi's, but the lines were just too long both times we went. We really are not foodies though, so most of our meals on trips are always something you can just grab and go. Those gyros from the street vendors were pretty tasty! But maybe next time we will make it to Grimaldi's!