Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station was amazing. I rode the subway directly into the station. Normally. when you get off the subway it’s pretty crummy. Sometimes there are homeless people or maybe a news stand. This was a different experience! High end clothing stores, a spa, the Grand Hyatt, restaurants, you name it: all in Grand Central Station! I was impressed. I walked to the front of the Grand Corridor and stood to take some pictures. I noticed a woman taking her bridal portraits on the balcony. As I was taking it all in, I heard a stampede of people approaching. It was really strange and I turned around just in time for the Occupy Wall Street protestors to bust through the door! As much as I am against everything they stand for, it was cool to be in the middle of it. They all paraded in shouting “We are the 99% and so are YOU!”. Just as many NYPD jackets followed the protestors around. They marched around the center of the station in a circle chanting and then ran in all different directions. Apparently, they all caught different trains and the police seemed confused about which ones to catch. So they stayed, chatting in the station about where to go next. I thanked one of them for protecting the ‘real 99%’ people like me, who work for a living! What a cool day at Grand Central Station!

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Cristi said...

Sounds nice. I recognize the one shot from movies. I never would have thought to stop and check that out. Glad you did. Love you and see you guys tomorrow! HAPPY THANKSGIVING.