Saturday, November 12, 2011

Times Square

Times Square....WOW!
It absolutely takes your breath away. Again, it’s frustrating to post pics because even as I took them I would look at the camera and think, “That is not what I’m seeing!”. But anyway, here goes!
I caught a glimpse of Times Square on my bus tour but that did not compare to seeing it at night. On Monday after Charlie got off of work he wanted to do some site seeing. I knew we HAD to see Times Square at night. We took the subway from Brooklyn to Times Square. After riding on a crummy subway, you get off and walk up the steps and BAM! It’s Times Square. In your face. It’s indescribable. We walked around taking pictures and marveling at the sites. We explained to a few guys why we wouldn’t buy tickets to their comedy show....and then again to another man who claimed to be from Louisiana. We had supper at Hard Rock right in the middle of Times Square and it was fantastic. The food was REALLY good and the service was excellent. Charlie and I both enjoyed being in a place that we see almost daily on the news channels and every New Year when the ball drops. What a phenomenal city!

A few other things we saw that night... Radio City Music Hall

We totally stalked Fox News! We could see Lou Dobbs filming through a window and interviewing a pretty, young lady and what looked to be Dick Cheney. We got into the building and stood there hoping to see Bill O'Reilly leave after he taped at 8. Nicole Nikpour, the pretty lady that Lou was interviewing came out and we started talking to her. She was so nice and down to earth. She's from Little Rock..I guess us Southerners just know how to act! She let us know that Bill films at 5 so we wouldn't be seeing him in that building that late! We went back to the hotel and turned on Hannity. Guess who was on - Nicole Nikpour! Now why didn't I ask to take a picture with here!?! Oh, she also let us know that it was not Dick Cheney who we saw w/ Lou Dobbs.

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Beth E. said...

What an amazing trip you had! I've enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading your posts about everything you did. I'm sorry you had to deal with racoons, heat pumps, catching up on your work, etc. but your trip sounds like it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! :-)