Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I am happy to be resting next to Avery Grace while she naps. But I must say I'm also missing the bright lights of the big city. This week has been rough, to say the least. After being away from work for 6 business days, it was nothing short of overwhelming. I dont think I've ever taken that much time off at once without working remotely!

As far as the house goes, we were greeted with raccoons in (yes IN) the roof. And an enormous tree limb in the yard. Did I mention it took a power line down with it and the power surge knocked out the heating and AC unit? And the ceiling fan? Yes, more than once this week I've found myself missing NYC!

But there is really no place like home. Which for us, is still Vidalia. So, here we are again today. Forgetting the worries of the week and spending time in the place we love the most with the people we love the most.

And if life returns to normal next week at some point I will write a post or 2 with some of the 400 pics from our trip!


Mallory said...

Can't wait!!! :)

Cristi said...

Pretty picture! Sorry about the troubles and praying you have a much better week this week. Love you.