Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wall Street

Ok y'all, I just sorted the 700 pictures I took in NYC and divided some of those between about 20 blog posts. Yes, y'all will be SICK of NYC stories, but it is a trip I never want to forget! A dream come true for me, so here.we.go!

Wall Street was different than expected. It was all blocked off for protestors, but there were only a few policeman there. The protestors must've been at Battery Park during that time. Businessmen stood outside the NY Stock Exchange and chatted quietly. There were a few statues around and a sign about the reason I was there - a man named JP Morgan! I was glad the protestors didn't get in my way of seeing the greatest financial district in the world - WALL STREET!

I found the protestors! I was on the bus tour and we passed them singing some crazy, hippie song in the park!

I only caught the tail end of the bull! Passing by on the bus...

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