Sunday, December 30, 2012

Entertainment by Avery

This girl is my daily entertainment, y'all. Since she's our first, I'm not sure if every 4 year old is this funny, but she As her vocabulary expands, the funnier it gets. Daily I think "Did she just say THAT!?!" I'm sure this thought will NOT be funny at 13. But I will soak up this sweet hilarity as long as I can!

Facebook friends, these will all be repeats. I copied and pasted to make sure I would have these on my blog!
  • "Mommy, guess what? My dance teacher said Santa's watchin us. Must have a camera somewhere up there?"
  • I said, "Avery, we should go look at Christmas lights. Think we can talk daddy into it?" She said, "I think we gonna have to trick him. I'll say, 'Daddddy, come get in the car. We goin to Eskamoes...don't you want some nachos?!?"
  • Avery very loudly while we're out to eat: Mama, if you see a snake, run. But if you have a gun you can kill it. And if you have a pocket knife you can cut it. And then we can eat that snake!" 
  • Avery listening to Charlie be silly this morning: "My daddy's so silly. I'm happy I have a silly daddy. I'm pretty sure if I didn't I'd be mad. My daddy's perfect just the way he is!" Can you say daddy's girl?
  • Avery: Mommy, I'm not being ugly. I'm just taking all your patience from you!
  • Avery says "Momma, I didn't play with Kara today. I played with Jeremiah instead. We played boyfriend/girlfriend."  Avery will begin homeschool on Monday. ;)

I tried to convince Avery to get a paint by number. She said, "Mom, hello! I'm 4 1/2 now. I don't paint anymore. That's so lame!" Instead, she chose Dollar Tree hair extensions..

This is a picture of me on Geek Day in high school. Avery showed it to me this morning and said, "Look at you mom. You hideous!"

I told Avery we were going to see a beauty queen (Miss LA) at Newk's tonight. She said "Mama, I don't get it. Queens and princesses live in castles, not at Newk's!"

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