Sunday, December 23, 2012

We Love Fall

Isn't Fall just the best? Beautiful trees, nice weather. my birthday! 

My beautiful girl...

Fall decorations...Can you tell I don't use Pinterest? LOL I seriously wish I could afford a decorator for each season, but this is the best I could come up with!

I do love my fall flowers!

What's Fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch?
Sweet, precious girls!

Love those ringlets and blue eyes. I realize I'm biased!

I couldn't ask for a better teacher. During Thanksgiving break, Avery asked day after day when she got to go back to school. She also said, "Mama, I love Ms. S." and "Mama, I miss Ms. S." And Ms. S loves Avery too. :)

Beautiful Fall wedding on the lake...

Mother of the Year decided to volunteer for PTO. Cause that's what Mothers of the Year do, ya know? No one told said Mother that mothers got to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with their child. So, she signed up to sell tickets to the dinner DURING the dinner for her daughter's class on purpose. She thought she would be one of the only parent's at the school and her sweet little girl would think that was special. Epic fail. I ran back between Avery and the ticket table during her lunch. My poor sweetie! Live and learn. Sorry if the pic is blurry, I was in a rush!

My poor sweetie was sick too, can you tell?

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