Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fun in Vidalia

Life is always nice in Vidalia. At least in my world! And while I used to really, really want to move there forever, I do find like our little life. I like having lots of shopping and restaurants and great jobs and an excellent school for Avery where we live. And I love taking the drive to my free vacation getaway spot. My weekend happy place. VIDALIA!

Avery just loves her cousin! She is not sure why he doesn't want to hug her as much as she wants to hug him. Boys will be boys!

And if we HAVE to practice killing wild animals, I prefer bows over firearms when small children are present. :)

I don't think Mark could find a more perfect girlfriend. I don't own a piece of camo, but this girl can rock it. And when I tell you she can hit a target, I mean it. If the end of the world comes, we're moving in with Uncle Mark, he can not only protect us but kill enough deer and ducks to feed us until the end of time!

This girl loves her Nonna...

She even trusts her to swing in the hammock...

The hammock is all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. Man down!

Uh oh...someone is taking after Nonna!

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Cristi said...

That picture of Charlie on the ground makes me laugh out loud. Is that bad. Sorry, but it was funny.