Sunday, December 16, 2012


Can you tell what is at the bottom of my to do list? This blog. :( There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to edit and upload pictures and write posts. Besides, I'll always have these memories, right? The stuff she says, her precious smile, the special moments. And many more to come. So many more years. So many more days. So many memories yet to make. Who has time to write it all down?

And then a crazy man kills 20 small children. For no reason at all. With names like Ana Grace. And I realize, why not us? We could've been one of those families. No more years. No more days. No more memories to make. It is unfathomable. I don't know how you get out of bed after that. Ever again. I just can't see the posts on Facebook or turn on the news without tears these last few days. I am a blubbering mess. My heart so aches for Ava Grace's mom. And all the others.

Memories and pictures and stories are so important. They are all we would have if anything ever happened. Playing Barbies and reading books and going to the park and breakfast dates and precious prayers on the way to school. This is all that really matters in life. And whether or not we have years left, memories are so important. Less than 5 short years ago, my Avery could've fit in a baseball cap. In 5 more years, she probably won't be asking me to play Barbies every night or calling noodles 'noo noos'. So, hello blog. I will not put you ahead of Barbies and books and park visits and breakfast dates. But after my little one is tucked in bed each night, I want you to know the stories of her day. In case, one day, all I have are the memories past.


listentoyourfonendo said...

I've heard on the new the story of what happened in your country and it's horrible... I think none of us can understand why is a person capable of doing that to the others, but the truth it's that it happens more frequently than we could ever try to imagine...

We are nothing withouth or memories and it's important for you and for them to write everytime you can and to capture all the images you can, it would be a present for you but also a present for those who didn't have memories of those times... :)

Cristi said...

Speaking of memories... Remember how big she looked here. Almost ready to go home. And you know what she was about to do here dont you? Yank that feeding tube right out.