Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Projects

Avery LOVES homework. This may change in a year or so, but I can tell you right now if homework is in the yellow folder, Gracie is squealing!

This was one she did at school and brought home... Love the little red specks in her hair :)

Thank God for Nonnas! I am probably the least craftiest person I know. Nonna is training me....

Operation Scarecrow...


I love  how she is squatting like the Scarecrow's legs!

Then Nonna went out of town. And just like that, I put on my craft hat and went to town. Although, some people told me this turkey was unrecognizable, I loved our Tutu Turkey! When Nonna came home, she noticed our Tutu Turkey didn't have a tutu. No need to fear! Nonna found the perfect ribbon to make a tutu and saved the day! :)

Speaking of fun projects, Ms. Avery spent last weekend with Nonna so her mom could help Santa finish his list. And look what she got to help make! TOO CUTE!

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