Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Avery Updates

We saw the neurologist, Dr. Pena, yesterday. He said overall I have nothing to worry about. Avery's head measured a bit small (the curve - just like the one on a growth chart - wasn't completely smooth), but he didn't seem like it bothered him. He confirmed from the sonogram that if there was a bleed in the NICU it is gone now. We discussed Cerebal Palsy (sp?) and he said he looks for 3 things: muscle tone that keeps getting stronger and stronger, poor posture and no developmental progress. Avery's muscle tone is pretty strong but she has excellent posture and she is behind developmentally but is definitely making progress. So, he said we shouldn't worry...then he also said "I'll see you in 4 months." I guess when you have a 2lb baby the pediatric neurology and cardiology never ends! Oh well, better safe than sorry - as I always say - lol!

Other Avery Updates:
  • Avery loves bathtime. It is her very favorite time of the day. She lays back in the water and coos and loves to scratch her belly the whole time.
  • Avery is sitting a little bit more but the major development this week is that she is very close to crawling. She gets on all her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She is already crawling backwards and can move both knees forward. As soon as she figures out how to put her hands in front of her, she'll be crawling like a champ! Time for babyproofing...Anyone have any tips?
  • Avery can pivot completely around with no problem at this point.
  • Avery definitely said 'mama' today with meaning (as Denise would say) which simply means that she really wanted me and knew who I was when she said it. She had PT today at 10 and then Denise at 2:30 so my poor baby girl was worn out. At one point while Denise was working with her, she stuck out her bottom lip, frowned, looked up at me and said "Ma-ma!" Of course, she was immediately saved by mama!
  • She can also say 'ga-ga' 'da-da' 'ba-ba' and something that sounds really close to 'ba-by'. She is quite the talker....can't imagine where she got that from?
  • She is a demanding little princess lately. I'm sure teething is the culprit, but as soon as we lay her down she screams like we pinched her! This makes for a worn out ma-ma and da-da. Especially when he gets one shift by himself and I get the afternoon shift by myself. But I am not complaining, life is WONDERFUL. I cannot imagine being more blessed.
  • I would like to point out that the very worst thing about being a parent is clipping fingernails. And its something that you can't even pay a professional to do. I mean, basically you could pay a nanny to keep the child all day, a doctor to keep the child fairly healthy, a physical therapist to keep her developmentally on track (the list could go on and on) but you cannot pay anyone to clip her fingernails. The pediatrician's office refuses. Heck, even the $10,000 a day NICU wouldn't do it. So - I'm thinking of opening my own business - Mommy & Me Spa - particularly for manicures and pedicures for mom and baby. Oh yes, and baby massages too (which is also one of Avery's favorite things!) The only problem is, there is NO way I'm attempting to clip someone child's fingernails. Hmmm???
  • Last but NOT least - and yes this is the most random post of the year - I have met a wonderful mom/business woman, who designs the CUTEST birthday party invitations (among other events, I'm sure) She only sells through Ebay but email her - ksrieffer@yahoo.com -and let her know what you're looking for and she'll be more than happy to help. She was just GREAT. I would highly recommend her. Of course, if you'd rather have picture invites then Jami is the place to go!

Sorry no pictures tonight, it is 10 minutes past my bedtime. Yes, I am old. Yes, I am okay with that fact. :o) Good night everyone!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Great idea on the baby spa idea. My husband is always trying to come with great money making ideas FOR ME...not him. Apparently, I am not making enough as a portrait photographer (lol).

But seriously, it could really be a great idea. Surely someone who cute those nails!