Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks for Your Prayers!

We visited Dr. K first thing Saturday morning. He checked out both of her ears and said they were perfect! YAY! He said he has many parents that come in if they see the baby tugging on their ear, but Avery probably just 'found' her ears. He said the fever was probably from immunizations. I really think she is finally teething (almost 10 mnths and no teeth!) and I read somewhere that babies may pull on their ear when they're teething too. In other GREAT news, he was impressed with her weight gain -a whole pound since our last visit (which was less than a month ago!) She weighed in at 16 lbs 14 oz! I was so excited!!! He said I could start Stage 2 foods (which I already did) and gave me some other great advice. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE him?

Nonna and poppa visited yesterday and we had lots of fun. Avery really attempted crawling for the first time and of course by the time I got the camera, she wouldn't really do it again. I am looking forward to this week. I leave work early Thursday and we're going to Vidalia Friday. Saturday we're going to Baton Rouge to watch the LSU vs. Ole Miss game and we're staying all weekend so I can start/finish? (yeah right, finish!) Christmas Shopping. I took off Monday too, so we're going to have a nice, long weekend! Avery will be staying with nonna and poppa. At first, the plan was to bring her but I don't see the point in bringing her to a hotel (filled with people - possibly germ-filled sickly people, lol). I really don't want her to be out on campus because its just too cold. So thank you to nonna and poppa who are missing out on the game. Aren't grandparents WONDERFUL!

I am working on her first birthday party right now and getting pretty excited. I need some help though so I'm going to post about that next. Enjoy your weekend!

Sitting like a BIG GIRL!

Looking at her nonna...

She's finally got some hair!

She loves her nonna!

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Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

I am a stalker. haha! I found you through Dewana's blog and I love reading about little Avery. She is doing soo awesome! Glad to hear about the weight gain! That's fabulous!!