Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I have been reading MckMama's blog for months now and it is probably my favorite! She is an excellent blogger. Check her blog out for instructions on Not Me Monday! It is really a lot of fun. For anyone familiar with The Nest Baby it is a lot like the "Confessions" post. So here goes...

1. I did not make cookies after my Olan Mills fiasco just to eat some of the cookie dough...that is, until I had a stomach ache. I can't stand chocolate chip cookie dough anyway.

2. I did not call Olan Mills today and request I receive all the pictures I was originally promised, just so I could feel like 'I got my money's worth!' I would never do anything that ridiculous.

3. I did not hold Avery until I was almost late for work this morning because she was being so incredibly precious. I am much more responsible than that.

4. I did not insist that Charlie wake Avery up from her nap after she slept for 3 hours today, knowing that if she didn't wake up she would never go to sleep tonight. I would never do that because I don't really care about my sleep anyway.

5. I did not call the Hyatt in Baton Rouge for the fifth time to confirm my reservation because I am so nervous about booking through and I just know they're going to give my room away and I'll have to sleep in Tiger Stadium! I would never be that anal about anything.

6. I did not agree to be one of the men from Village People on celebrity look-alike day at work (Wednesday). I would never be so silly.

7. I did not receive an email Friday afternoon at work from the trillion dollar company I work for telling us that basically, we would not be getting bonuses because this economy is not in shambles and the banking industry is not taking a huge hit. I'm also sure that they did not strategically send it on a Friday afternoon so we would forget about it during the weekend. They also did not give us the news in the email so discretely that 90% of the building didn't even realize what the email was saying and probably hit delete before they got to the second paragraph. They would never do a thing like that!

8. A little girl did not just toot on me. Princesses do not toot.

OK - its your turn now! Let the confessing begin...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks for visiting me! your baby is beautiful! i will read more... and i hope for good things for her future.

smiles, bee

Cristi said...

That was as good as McMamas I did Not's! I laughed !!! Love ya