Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party Planning Galore...I Need YOUR Help!

So I have decided on a theme for Avery's 1st birthday: Lil' Princess! Because it is January 21st, we will not be inviting any children, except her one and only cousin: Bram. Other than that it will only be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and Cousin Bram! Since there aren't many children I'm going to do finger foods: tiara shaped sandwhiches, chips and dip, etc. Probably some chocolate covered strawberries and of course CAKE AND ICE CREAM! Avery's cake is going to be made without any wheat/dairy/egg and I'm going to have Edna (our favorite baker) do a fabulous cake for the adults. I'm not sure just how though. But I'm sure I can google some that I love.
Here's where you come in! On the invites I want to make it completely clear that if you even THINK you're sick, please don't come. Of course it needs to sound nice and catchy. One cute idea from the nest baby was "Well wishers only, please!" I like it but I just don't know if its clear enough. I much prefer "If you even THINK you're sick. (I'm talking if you sneezed a week ago) - don't you DARE come." And yes, that is way to harsh! LOL. So please comment and let me know your ideas. If one person has some amazing idea that I end up using, I will be mailing you a prize! I know some people read the blog (Beverly, grandma, Bonnie, etc.) but never comment. It is very easy to leave a comment - you do not have to have a Google account. Simply click on the number of comments showing at the end of the blog (ex: 0 comments) then click next to "Name/URL". Just type your name (the URL is not necessary) and the comment and click "Publish Comment". So give me your BEST ideas! And thanks in advance - I REALLY appreciate it!
The Invites:
This is where I need your help!

The party supplies:

The Highchair Decor:

Avery's Princess outfit (unless I find another, cuter or warmer one!)


Jami Ainsworth said...

Of course, my suggestion is a photo invitation! I have done the one year old b'day cake session with the same party supplies. I will try to post a link to it later.

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

say something like...due to our little princess arriving so soon she cannot be exposed to any sniffles or coughs, so if you think you might even sneeze please be courteous to her and dont get her sick. we will miss you dearly if you are unable to attend. or something like that. since she was a premi people would have to understand.

Cristi said...

Awww sweet princess outfit! I think you should make Charlie dress up like her Prince Charming! LOL

Bonnie said...

Everybody that you are inviting knows that Avery does not need to be around anybody that has anything wrong with them. You could put "Well Wishers only"** and then at the very bottom say something due to Avery being a premi that we take every precaution to keep her healthy and that she does not need to be exposed to anything like sneezing, coughing, sniffles etc... Sorry if you can't attend. And for those that can't attend because they are sick and they let you know, maybe send them a picture of her and her cake or soemthing like that..

lifeasahancock said...

I love the Princess theme!! I am amazed everyday at how organized you still are! I can't even keep myself straight, and I don't have a child yet!!

Cristi said...

You think thats organized, you should see her pantry!