Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics from the Week

I decided to go ahead and start Stage 2 foods this week...Avery's first Chicken Dinner!

A Handful...

Not as happy as I thought she'd be about the chicken!

My little tiger...

One of her outfits for Olan Mills pics ...

The other outfit for tomorrow...

This came in the mail today from Mamaw Bev (Charlie's mom)...the pics are about PERFECT timing!

Avery meets her cousin...Sebastian.

He really seemed to like her!

And she mostly just stared at him...

Avery with her Early Steps Therapist, Denise

I guess she is learning to sleep on her tummy when she flips over....and what a little diva with her hand on her hip!

Sitting like a big girl and playing with 2 in each hand!

That look is priceless...I think the fun was over!


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Jami Ainsworth said...

So does this mean no "jami ainsworth portraits" this holiday?