Friday, November 28, 2008

So Thankful...

Well, as I said in a previous post I was totally slacking on the blog. Between the LSU game and a long weekend and then Thanksgiving - we literally unpacked one day and packed the next. So we have been on the road a lot!
We had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you and yours did as well. I have never had so many things to be thankful for in my whole life - the BEST family, a wonderful husband and the most precious, sweet little girl in the whole wide world! WOW! Looking back over this year I am continually amazed at all of the blessings and miracles. If anyone ever questioned whether there was a God...try having a 2 lb baby and watching her grow and become perfectly and wonderfully made!

Speaking of our little miracle...she got to try her very first table food. She got a few tiny bites of turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and even some dressing! She LOVED it of course, but I think she was on a sugar high! She was up the entire night. Thank God my mom was here to babysit on Friday (Charlie and I had to work) and she was a huge help - gotta love a good nonna!
I am finally looking forward to Christmas, instead of feeling behind, because I only have a few small things to pick up now. Oh yeah, and a Christmas Tree! I think once Avery sees that big tree - which is on the agenda for this weekend - with sparkling lights - she may decide its time to crawl...wouldn't that be a nice little Christmas present to her mommy!
And here are the tons of pics I am behind on posting! And btw, they're completely in backwards order which drives me CRAZY but you get the point!
Avery had a mini photo shoot while we were at the LSU game...
Mrs. Penny got some excellent shots!

We discovered the cutest thing ever! When Avery hears a horn honk she falls out laughing!
I'll post the video later. Here are some pics...she thought Gran gran was doing it, so no matter who was holding her she would look at gran gran and laugh!

We were so excited to spend time with Charlie's family too...his mom was in town for Thanksgiving. Here is Avery driving (with the help of her Mamaw!)

Loving some time with Granny (Charlie's mamaw)

Avery with Charlie's cousin Alicia

Kisses from Aunt Lindsey (Charlie's sister)

Family pic on Thanksgiving...

Uncle Josh helping Avery pull the wishbone...a Thanksgiving Tradition!

"What am I eating and why have I ever eaten anything else? THIS IS DELICIOUS!"

Another Thanksgiving Family Pic...

Fun time at nonna and poppa's house

Happy Birthday Poppa!
Sporting his new "HD Vision Wrap Arounds"
All I can say is YIKES!


The Golden Band from Tigerland!

Maybe this is why Charlie is such a huge LSU fan...
The Golden Girls!

Mike the Tiger!

we cheered our little hearts out...

We snuck into the old Alex Box Stadium since it's the last we'll see of it...
LSU built a new baseball field and this will be tore down this year

The players on the way to the game....

Les Miles (the baldy in the dark jacket)

Too bad these aren't all football championships!
The billboard in Alex Box

On our way to TigerTown!

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