Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Blessing!

I know, I know. I'm a blogging maniac! Sometimes I just get on blog spurts where I blog about everything. But I think when I'm old and gray, I won't regret that I wrote about too much but I will regret if I write about too little! So here it is!
Last night, Avery was a bit fussy - so I pulled out the oldest trick in the book: a biter biscuit! This is only her 2nd...or 3rd..anyway SHE LOVES THEM. One thing I will have to get used to is messiness. I cannot stand anything or anyone to be dirty. But she went to town and was COVERED in that biscuit. So I very carefully took her to her room and stripped her down and she got an early bath!
"What is it mom? Can't you see I'm busy here!"

"Man, that was're the best mom ever! Can I have another one???"

"On second thought, can you just get me outta this Bumbo and into a nice, warm bath? I am sticky from head to toe!"

"Come on lady, stop it with the pictures and get to scrubbin!"
"Ahh...much lets play my new favorite game...'Camera Grabbin'!"

This little angel has my heart!

After her bath I thought she would enjoy playing in an empty diaper box.

Today when I got home 2 nice nurses came to give Avery the Synagis shot. Well, I thought they were nice - Avery didn't care for them! She was sweet until they poked her with a needle TWICE. I tried to explain this was so she wouldn't get that ole' stinky RSV again, but she wasn't having it. She screamed. I didn't take a picture of the nurses, I thought that might be a strange request. But I did pull out the box after they left and snap a shot. YAY FOR SYNAGIS! I explained to the nurses that I was not a huge fan of immunizations but I prayed and prayed for Synagis. Since Avery just got over RSV I understand what a blessing it is to be approved for this. The nurse seemed shocked that we were approved and said she had heard from tons of people, even w/ younger babies who had not been. Once again, thank you Jesus and a shoutout to Blue Cross too! The nurse also explained its not an immunization per se, its just full of antibodies that protect the baby from RSV. She will get the shot every 25-35 days until April. I told her I guess if we were used to seeing kids with polio, like we are with RSV, we would love those shots a little more too. I guess that is just something we take for granted. Avery was a trooper though and after a short crying bout she recovered well. She did have a lot to say about those nurses though (see video above!)

Can you believe this little box is $2000? And Avery needed TWO of them! WOW!

Notice one silver bandaid on each leg. She seems pleasant but was not about to crack a smile after that!

I tried and tried to rotate this pic (still getting used to Windows Vista!) and it won't work. But I'm putting it up sideways anyway because she is such a chunky monkey in this pic...she weighed in at 16 lbs, 3 oz today. Up 1/2 lb since 10/21.


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

haha it always grosses me out to watch kids eat those biscuits.

Stormie's mommy said...

I love that pic of her smile after she had the biscuit :) stormie loved those too! I am glad you were blessed to get her that med and not pay for it in cash YIKES! She is growing so fast. And do not get down about her pace she will do things when the time is right. :) She is a doll and her eyes are gorgeous!!!