Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Can you believe its already Monday again? Me either! That means Christmas will be here before we know it! Only 5 more Monday's till' Christmas.! Yes, its definitely time to start shopping.

So here goes with Not Me Monday...try to come up with some of your own this week...its a lot of fun once you get started!

1. Today, during Avery's neurologist follow-up, I did not scribble on the sign in sheet "Waiting in the hall" b/c there was another child in the waiting room.

2. I did not pace the hall with a grouchy baby trying to shush her for what seemed like an hour until I convinced myself that because I wasn't in the waiting room, I'd been skipped. I most certainly did not go back into the waiting room only to hear that same child let out a loud, nasty, RSV-filled cough. Of course, I would never bolt out of the room like there was a fire, completely forgetting the diaper bag. I did not hide in the hallway and peek around the corner to see when the lil' cougher was called back. Am I turning into a completely germaphobic, paranoid preemie mom - NO NOT ME!

3. I did not just roll my eyes while listening to a well intended older relative tell me for the hundreth time that "Avery will do everything when she's there is no need to push her" (push her = allowing the therapist to work with Avery once a week, or going to any doctors appt for that matter).

4. I did not spend at least an hour and post a question on three different websites trying to figure out how to make it clear on Avery's bday invites that if you're not healthy you're uninvited! By the way, the winner is the creator of the invites - who is so great I will be blogging about later and here it is "To keep our little princess well, Healthy guests are royally swell!" How cute is that?

5. I did not, once again, put off Christmas shopping even though nonna and poppa were at my house and very willing to babysit. I would never procrastinate!

6. I did not actually believe that I was going to purchase a brand new $300 Britax Car Seat for a grand total of $46 through Target's website last night. I was not fooled, along with thousands of other angry moms, with are 'Order Confirmation' emails in hand. We did not flood the Target call center with complaints. I did not get rude with the customer service rep who couldn't have cared less and I am certainly not still waiting on her supervisor to call me 'within the hour' - 3 hours later. Do I love a good deal and hate missing out on one? Nah, not me!

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Cristi said...

Great post, way better than mine. The thing you have to remember as a parent is to take the advice given and use what is useful, and lay aside what is unnecessary. I certainly had plenty to lay aside from "well intended older relatives." I remember the time I was told - Doctors were my God. After a little aggrivation, that was lain aside.