Friday, November 14, 2008

Here We Go Again...**EDITED**

So the shots didn't go as well as I hoped. Avery ran fever from Wednesday night until Friday morning. She slept fine Wednesday night but didn't sleep at all last night. I was going to take her to the doctor but Charlie said she wasn't running fever when she woke up this morning and she acted normal all day. She was basically the same with me this afternoon, except she did a few strange things. She touched her ear a few times and she did this weird thing where she shook her head to one side a few times. I've never seen her do it before. I also noticed she was sucking her paci really hard - it was making a lot more noise than usual. So I'm thinking it must be an ear infection and that would explain why the fever lasted so long and why she didn't sleep last night. I guess we'll go to Dr. K in the morning, that way I don't have to take off of work to take her and she doesn't have to go through the weekend if it is an infection. Better safe than sorry, right? The only thing I wish is that the pedi's office gave us frequent flyer miles or something. I guess free formula every time is our little 'bonus'. Thank God for good insurance. So please say a prayer for Avery and if you think I'm a mommy hypochondriac, then please let me know!

So I just typed this blog. Sort of a gripey blog, right? I was in a bit of a gripey (sp?) mood. Why, I thought, are we at Dr. Khanfar's office every other weekend? We are not bringing her to daycare, we take every precaution, why isn't she just healthy??? And then I went through my list of blogs and came to Bring the Rain, which by the way, even if you are not a blog stalker, you should read. You will be inspired. You will laugh and you will cry. Anyway, halfway through this post I was crying, just weeping. And I realized how blessed I am. I realized an ear infection is not a major life event. Avery is a miracle. Her fragile life could've been so easily taken from us. So many little things could've gone differently and she would've been gone. I can't imagine the grief.

It also made me think about our loss in 2006. That empty feeling that came over me when I found out his little heart wasn't beating. How much emptier it felt after the surgery when he was just gone. Thank you Jesus that you can fill that void. Thank you for your many blessings. Forgive me for where I look at the small picture, instead of the big one. Thank you for your tremendous protection over my family. Praise you, Jesus...

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