Saturday, April 18, 2009

Avery Updates...

Today has been a nice, restful Saturday. Thankfully, WalMart's electricity was off so I had an excuse to shop at Brookshires instead. Of course, Brookshires is more expensive and they didn't have a few things I needed, but it was still much less chaotic than Walmart! I spent the rest of the day with Charlie and Avery, we had so much fun. We haven't had many weekends, just the 3 of us, because he used to work on weekends. Avery is the happiest when she has her mommy and daddy. She is so adorable and so lovable! 

Once again, it seems like she is doing something new every day. She can now lift the lid to the toilet seat - uh oh! And she can also drink from a straw...she had her first juice box today :) She is walking all around the house, and she can walk, drink her sippy AND hold the remote in the other hand - lol, a multi-tasker like her mom! She has even tried running a few times! She is talking so much these days and has expanded her vocabulary. She mostly babbles but can definitely say: Mama, dada, bye bye, yeah, Gigi, bad-bad, and plenty of other consonant vowel combinations that aren't exactly words. She loves helping unload the dishwasher and the groceries. It's so funny to watch the determination on her face when she's doing something like that. She is also into EVERYTHING and climbing on everything and I can't take my eyes off of her! Her hands down favorite dessert is ice cream and she even sometimes throws a fit when the bowl is empty (I guess she gets that from her mommy ;) 

In other news, my parents made it back from their trip and so Avery got yet another Easter surprise. I think it's safe to say her Easter is officially over. And I think it's safe to say the Easter Bunny really loves her :) 

Avery's Nonna actually left these for her mama...well not these exact ones...because if I took a picture it would just be of an empty box ;) I've always heard Godiva chocolates expire in 48 hours, right???
This is Avery's first Godiva chocolate. If she is anything like her mommy she will cherish every bite!
And here is Lammy, Avery's very last Easter gift for least I think so!
"What is this thing you call a Juicy Juice?"
"I bet it's going to be delicious...I'll keep my fingers crossed..."

"I can do it all by myself mommy!"
"Juicy Juice and Rocky Road in the same day? I think I'm in heaven! 
I should text Addy right away!"


Michelle said...

I love Avery's pics! and we also got the NICU graduate shirts for our walk in a few weeks... Aren't we proud mommas!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

how cute is that! they are so much fun when they are talking an moving.

Penny said...

They have some little juice box covers somewhere. Then she can do it all by herself and you don't have to worry about her squeezing the box and making a mess. They're convenient for strollers and on the go.
Does she start the new sitter tomorrow? Leon starts daycare full time tomorrow. Like your Mom, wish I were "daycare."

Curran said...

hehehehe! Great post & great pics :) I was wondering who Addy kept texting!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oboy! chocolate and juicy juice!

smiles, bee