Monday, April 6, 2009

First Day of Daycare

The first day of daycare was rough as expected. When Charlie sat her down in her room she had a mini meltdown, so he sat and played with her but she wanted him to hold her. She had a meltdown when he left, of course, but they said she did okay during the day. I called a few times to check on her, almost hoping they'd tell me to come get her :) but they said she was fine. Mrs. Debbie said she played some and cried some. I also think she's teething, which doesn't help the situation! The handbook said no medication, but they said they would give her some teething tablets tomorrow. She is saying 'da-da' a lot today, and if this counts she said her first sentence: "Bye, bye da-da" He wasn't here so it wasn't with meaning, but she said it! We are going to meet Addison and Dewana for spring pictures at Biedenharn Garden on Wednesday, hopefully she will be in a good mood! I pray every day gets easier for all of us with this daycare stuff! This will be a short week for her because she gets to go to Nonna's on Friday - the daycare is closed for Easter. Thanks for the prayers - advice is welcome! :)


Beth E. said...

Hang in there, little mama...Avery will adjust, and will soon go to daycare with no problem (and no tears)!

I used to run a small daycare in my home. I had little ones who would throw absolute screaming fits when their parents would leave them...crying, kicking, all-out meltdowns. The parents would be torn all to pieces about it. Funny thing, though...once the parents left, they hardly got to the end of my sidewalk before their child had stopped crying and began playing!

Due to the holiday and the irregular daycare schedule, it might take a couple of weeks for Avery to get acclimated. It will happen, though!

Praying for you and your hubby, and praying for little Avery. :o)

Penny said...

Aww, I was hoping it'd go a little easier. Mason only cried a few days every time Steph changed daycares. But Noah and Harlee have rarely, if ever, cried. Every child is different. Avery will probably adjust soon. After being only at home as long as she has, it may take her a little longer than most to get used to it, but it will happen. It's hard to leave them unhappy, but they really do stop crying not long after the parents are out of sight. We even have pre-K kids who cry in the mornings the first week or so of school, but stop shortly, and it's rare for them to cry after those first couple of weeks unless they're sick or something. My class still prays for her every morning. :) And you. BTW How's your blood sugar?

The Glenn Gang said...

Oh, sweet Casey! Take a deep breath and trust you are doing what is best. You saw last week that she thought it was fun so it will just take a little adjusting for her. (and y'all!) Jonah's first day was awful for him and me but got better with each day. Lots of prayers from us!!!

Mallory said...

i'll be saying a prayer for little avery to adjust to her new social life =) maybe one weekend her new "friends" at the daycare could come over for a playdate so she'll get used to playing with them. and maybe it was just an off day for her, cause we ALL have our moody days =)

Daniel & Denise said...

Poor baby! I know she will eventually love it though!! I know its hard on you though! Hang in there it will be ok!! Keep us posted on how it goes!