Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures in the garden

Avery's friend Addison, from Texas, is in town this week and her mom thought it would be fun to get the girls together and go take pictures at a garden in town. I picked Avery up from day 3 at daycare. Today her little voice was hoarse, I assume from crying most of the day. She was sitting with the sitter, as usual, with the saddest little look on her face. So far, it isn't any easier and I'm not even the one dropping her off. I also realize that it could be much, much worse. Poor little Cam has a terrible Coxsackie virus and Stellan may need heart surgery. Our troubles are tiny compared to those, and I trust everyone who promises me each week will be easier.

So, off we went to the garden! A lot of the colorful flowers were gone but there were some beautiful tulips. Avery had a pretty good time considering she is teething (I can finally see the culprit), constipated, stressed out and needed a nap. At home Charlie let her sleep off and on all day, but at daycare they only take one nap, so she is exhausted by the time I pick her up! But we had fun and Avery even got a chance to walk on the grass. I remember that her physical therapist told me that after she starts walking we would try walking on different surfaces. So I was excited that she could walk great on the grass! Lol, I know that sounds so silly! I think maybe it's a preemie mom thing - every little accomplishment means so much!

Tomorrow Avery has an easter party with her class. I have to bring a sandwhich tray and a basket full of eggs filled with pre packaged candy. It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out what type of candy a one year old child won't choke on!  

Yeah...the rabbit ears didn't last long :)
She loves playing with Easter Eggs!

Enjoying a mum mum, compliments of Dewana!
Ahh....success! She finally got the prize that was in the egg!
She loves unloading anything - cabinets, dishwasher and of course...her Easter Basket!
Avery and Addy...not too sure about the grass!
Wow...we need to get out in the sun more...those white legs really are blinding me!

Wow...this is so much better than daycare!
What a cutie!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Love the pics Casey.. Sorry that daycare is so rough. Hang in there. I was at Target last night trying to figure out the exact same thing. What the heck do you get a 1yr old in the terms of candy?? We settled on chocolate eggs.. :)

Beth E. said...

She such a cutie...I'm glad everyone had a fun time!

Daycare may be rough until you get into a routine. This week is different because of the Easter holiday. Avery will adjust, though. Be can do it! :o)

Sugar's Mommy said...

Cute Cute pictures. I love the one of the two girls together in the grass.

Penny said...

That last picture looks just like you! So sweet!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

So cute!

Amanda said...

What a sweet little Easter bunny! Her dress is so pretty :)

Mallory said...

i LOVE the last two pictures, tooooo cute =)

Chris, Jana & Noah said...

Those are so precious! She's gotten so big! We're going to the same place on Saturday, the Easter bunny will be there!

Daniel & Denise said...

She is soooo precious!! I think if we make it back from Vidalia that we are going there this weekend to see the Easter Bunny! Work is going good...ready to see how I do next week when Anna is back home though...I may never make it to work on time! HA!

Cristi said...

I am sorry for the rough day. Have a wonderful blessed afternoon holding your little Easter Bunny and loving on her. We will see you all this weekend. Love you Millions. Mom