Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So...Today's the Day...

The Big Day. The Day I've looked forward to for 5 long, 5 verrrrry long months. Today is my day of freedom. Like the day you graduate for high school or move away to college. The Big Day. Obviously I'm not referring to silly ole' April Fool's Day. Wake up people! APRIL 1st MEANS THE END OF RSV SEASON. It means Avery can go to Target...and church...and out to eat and... ANYWHERE! (Except WalMart - what a dreadful, dirty place. She won't be going to WalMart anytime soon...I rank a good trip to WalMart like traveling to a third world country. Yuck!) I will say that today doesn't feel exactly the same, as I just finished the last breathing treatment of the day about an hour ago - and boy did she put up a fight. So, I guess when your child actually HAS rsv, the end of rsv season isn't as fabulous. In fact, just typing this blog is reminding me that I actually hired a babysitter so that Charlie and I could go to Quizno's and Steinmart today. lol. Wow. I guess it's time to readjust. We are planning on going to the Catfish Festival this weekend (lol, only in the deep south - i know) and maybe even church on Sunday. We are breaking free and it is about time. My new take on life is 'what the heck'. It used to be 'Better safe than sorry' but better safe meant never bringing Avery anywhere for 5 months and it was definitely SORRY that she still got RSV 3 times this year. So, Avery will attend a festival this weekend (weather permitting) with tons of germy people, I'm sure. And then we will attempt church - although I don't think we'll expose her to the nursery just yet. And on Monday...the most dreaded day of the year...Avery will start daycare. Which is basically like letting her crawl around on the floor at WalMart...for 5 hours every day. But I figure...what the heck?


Natalie in Tiger Land* said...

Maybe we will see you at the Catfish Festival! :]

Beth E. said...

Praying for Avery's continued healing from the RSV. Have a good time at the Catfish Festival!

Cristi said...

Oh in a perfect world Nonna would be able to be your day care center. :(

Penny said...

We're going to the festival, too, unless it rains. We'll probably take Steph's kids with us. So, if you see a tired lady being drug around by a beautiful, but HYPER, 5year old boy, you'd better stop and speak, ok?! ;)

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

love love love the walmart comment, very accurate description. that place makes me wanna stop by the health clinic on the way home to get shots for everything possible. oh what service are yall going to? maybe we will see you there.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Stacy,

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Jami Ainsworth said...

You crack me up, Casey! Congrats on the new freedom!

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