Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

So..I'm torn. My plan was to leave the March of Dimes post on the blog for about a week, hoping my generous blog readers would donate (and some have - thanks so much!) Buttttt....I'm so stinkin' excited about Avery's first day at her new daycare, that I think I'll blog...and I have some Not Me Monday's to share but not so sure I'll get to those. If I were smart enough to add a song to the blog, today it would be "OH HAPPY DAY!"

Charlie dropped her off and she did much better from the start. I love everything about the new sitter. She is an in home daycare and her mother helps her. There are 2 other kids Avery's age and some more kids between ages 2 and 4. It is very relaxed and you can tell the kids love Ms. Tina and 'Mimi'. She said once Avery gets a little bit older they will do lessons every day. Avery's cousin, Sebastian, has gone to her since he was a baby. He is  2 1/2 now and he can say the Pledge of Allegiance! Tina also gives a recap sheet of when and what diapers she changed, when and what she ate and when she napped. I love automatically getting that info, without having to ask every day. She will let Avery have her paci, when she needs it, and Avery sleeps in a Pack n Play, rather than on a mat. When I picked Avery up she was still napping. Tina said that she did great, cried a little bit during the day, but mostly just played with the other kids. She said that she ate a really good lunch too! Avery seemed happy and didn't cry when she saw me (like at the other daycare) or when I put her in the carseat. I was so encouraged by today and SO happy to find Ms. Tina - thanks to Gigi!

We also had a fun weekend. We took Avery to church again, since RSV season is over. I had decided that First West is too big and I wanted something a little smaller so we can get to know the other people a  little better. First West is a great church but sometimes I feel like people don't know whether we're visiting or we've been going there for 15 years because there are so many faces! We tried a new church and it was okay, it was pretty far from our house (we went with a friend from work) and pretty stressful with a 14 month old. I thought if we waited till we got to church Avery would nap through church, but that didn't happen. It really feels like she is disrupting even when she's just babbling a little. I think it's pretty impossible to keep a 14 month old completely quiet and still for over an hour, unless she's sleeping. It makes it even more worse to think we are first time visitors and attracting all that attention. Anyway, we are trying a little bit bigger church next time and I'm hoping we'll be less of a distraction. Eventually, we'll find a church we're comfortable with and possibly even let her stay in the nursery - but it will be a while before we get to that point. 

After church, we went shopping to look for da-da some golf clubs. I keep telling him he is dreaming, but somehow he always has a way of convincing me to agree to buy whatever he wants. I am standing strong though :) Avery had a fun time at the store, and of course she got a few new things. Why can't I go shopping anywhere without buying her something? 

Thanks for your prayers and concern about the daycare situation. I am definitely seeing an answer to prayer where daycare is concerned. I actually didn't feel guilty about being a working mom today :)

What's a girl to do when she's bored at a sporting goods store? Easy... Step 1 - Unload mom's purse...Step 2 - Throw the contents on the floor one at a time and try to eat the coupons...Step 3 - Watch mom pick up every single thing you throw out...Step 4 - Repeat!
And to think she still got a t-shirt and a bouncy ball!
First day at daycare outfit...

Texting as usual! ;) 
Of course, we don't leave home without our handy dandy hand sanitizer!

Da-da and Avery before church
"Where am I going with this silly bow on my head, huh???"


Beth E. said...

I'm so glad that the new daycare is working out! I know that's a big relief for you and hubby.

Praise God for answered prayers!

Daniel & Denise said...

I'm so glad the daycare is working out for yall!! Daniel hasn't had the best of luck with Anna so far but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better this week...she had her shots the first week with him so its been a little crazy during the day for him!

laura_h2007 said...

which website did you use to do your blog header? I did it for Brams but I do not remember the site.

M J said...

She is just so precious! Glad the new day care is working out! :)

Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

I am sooo glad daycare went good for Avery yesterday. It's nice to go to work and not feel guilty isn't it? I love the pictures! She is growing so fast. Good luck on finding a church. You will get there!

Curran said...

Avery needs a cart cover with all the toys to keep her occupied :) Can't wait to hear how day # of daycare went!!!

Cristi said...

Oooh I am with Dewanna on the cart cover, covering all those germs! Good idea! Love yall Mom

Baylee's Mommy said...

Hey Casey,
The year Baylee was born Carl bought me a Sony HD handycam. It is both a picture camera and video camera. It is VERY compact and I love that it records in HD. I do wish I had a pocket camera but I am not complaining to much :)