Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter...Day 2

Well, since last week was filled with dreaded tales of daycare, I guess this will be "Easter Week." Avery's Aunt Lindsey stopped by today. Lindsey is Charlie's sister. Apparently, she had a delivery to make! After we got done opening presents, it looked more like Christmas than Easter! We always had an Easter basket with something nice when I was little and loads of candy, but never like this! Avery enjoyed opening her gifts though. She had gifts from Mamaw Beverly and Papaw Nelson, Granny, Aunt Lindsey, Aunt Alicia and Aunt Tammy! I'll remember to be prepared for next Easter. 
"All of this...for me???"

She actually knew how to open the presents this time...and liked doing it! :)
Silly girl...sticking her tongue out...she imitates everything we do now!
The tissue paper were as fun as the gifts, according to Avery!
Okay, this is her Easter loot...minus the TWO Easter Baskets from yesterday...
I hope this doesn't mean she's spoiled? The clothes are adorable and I love the wall letters and butterfly hooks!
This is little Avery, a.k.a. "Linus" - she drags this blanket around everywhere. Of course, she never leaves the room without her (my) cell phone in hand!
Thanks for coming by to bring all of her things, Lindsey. We hated to miss seeing everyone... we will see you all soon. Thanks for the sweet gifts for Avery!


Beth E. said...

Looks like this week is definitely going better than last week! :o)

Penny said...

Wow! Hope your week goes better and she feels good. Noah and Mason are kin to the Mizes. Their dad's mom was a Mize. Wonder if Charlie's kin to my grandkids! Wouldn't that be funny! Small world.

Curran said...

Ummmm, I'm coming to your house for Easter next year! I love the pics of her opening the present! The one of the cell phone cracks me up...there is nothing Addy would rather have than my cell phone! If she didn't put it in her mouth I would let her carry/play with it, but - it's my iPhone, ya know? :)